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Botox For Writer’s Cramp And Other TSDs: Guidance Is Thin, But It Often Works

Botox For Writer’s Cramp And Other TSDs: Guidance Is Thin, But It Often Works

While the topic is light on research and dosage guidance, Botox can make a difference for patients who suffer from chronic writer’s cramp and other task-specific dystonias – or TSDs. These TSDs involve the abnormal activation of motor muscles while performing certain repetitive actions and are a subcategory of focal dystonias.

Writer’s cramp was first labeled as a medical condition by surgeon and educator Samuel Solly in the 1860s. Initially called scrivener’s palsy, it later acquired a more modern name and was grouped with other TSDs that impact typists, musicians, hairstylists, painters, tailors, golfers, shooters and others who perform repetitive actions.

More About Botox For Writer’s Cramp

Writer’s cramp can begin with a tremor or abnormal twisting of the hand. Research conducted in 1993 showed improved motor control in 20 patients who were treated with Onabot-A, also called Botox. In 1995, another study found that 80 percent of patients treated with Botox in a placebo-controlled study improved, and some patients were able to achieve better writing speed. But in 2007, 30 percent of patients who got Botox for writer’s cramp during a one-year study refused a second treatment because of injection site pain or weakness of the impacted muscle.

This much is certain: When treating with Botox for TSD, the injector must use care to reduce symptoms without inducing weakness that results in decreased function. Some musicians who have been treated for TSD, for example, have reported no longer having the fine motor skills necessary to continue performing after treatment.

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