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Botox Treatment Around The Mouth [Botox Training Tips]

If there is one thing that almost every single person becomes self conscious about in their life, at one point or another, it is their smile. For some people it is the colour of their teeth, and for others it is any gaps in their teeth that they have. For some people it is the lines around their mouth that appear when they smile, and for others it is an imbalance between the size of their nose and their mouth. For whatever reason, you as a Botox medical professional may find during your professional career that you often see people come to you and ask you to ‘fix their smile’. So what does this mean in practice?

Well, most of the time that a patient who dislikes their smile goes to a Botox professional, it is because they have a very gummy smile – and they want you to be able to change that. What your patient probably doesn’t know, although you will, is that the muscle that controls the way that our smile looks and can create a gummy smile is the same muscle that controls the nasolabial fold. This means that if your patient with a gummy smile also has a deep set nasolabial fold, you will be able to give them the good news that it will be simple for you to transform their face and smile completely with just one set of injections.

Very few patients hate their smile so much that they will attempt to medically alter it, but if this does happen then we as medical professionals are honoured to be able to transform their smiles and therefore indirectly transform their lives. Confidence is something that money can buy, and it can be achieved through well thought out and talented Botox injections.

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