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Can You Get In On The Expected 50 Percent Growth In Botox?

Botox upward trendIf you’ve had Botox training from Dentox, you’re poised to get in on the 50 percent growth of Botox demand expected over the coming decade. According to a report last year, that’s how big the demand for botulinum toxin type A cosmetic procedures will be.

Over the preceding decade, demand for Botox injections has already been strong and steady. Even as so many economic indicators dipped sharply in the recession of 2008, Botox demand slipped only a little.

Millions of people get Botox every year, and why shouldn’t you get in on the profits from these easy-to-administer shots? After all, the training is quick and easy, and the startup costs for your practice are small.


So why is demand increasing? Here are 11 important reasons:

1. Botox has come of age. Once something only celebrities did, getting Botox injections is now mainstream — and something that people from all walks of life are embracing. As a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, treatment is easy and quick — and patients don’t need to take time off work. Plus, it’s increasingly easy to find local providers — especially if more medical professionals like you will add it to their practice offerings.

2. There’s been a shift in cultural values. There’s greater social acceptance than ever before of aesthetic injections. Just a decade ago, many people considered Botox injections vain or even silly, but people have a great level of acceptance now. That’s partly because of increasing media coverage of celebrities who openly have Botox treatments and the growing acceptance of beauty treatments overall. This social acceptance is expected to grow even more in the coming decades.

3. People spend more on beauty products and services. According to statistics, women now spend nearly $500 billion a year on beauty products. And that doesn’t take into consideration the spending men do on beauty products as well. The economy is looking up, and so is the projected level of spending on beauty treatments and products — and that includes Botox injections.

4. Botox spending doesn’t depend on the economy. Even when the economy has been bad, people have proven that they will still get Botox. Sales of Botox dipped only slightly in the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009 while other treatments and sales fell more dramatically. Then after the downturn, sales of Botox quickly jumped by double digits even though much of the economy recovered very slowly.

5. Botox treatment methods have gotten better. Those who inject Botox are being trained better than ever before, and Botox injectors now realize that these treatments require more than a cookie-cutter approach. Results are so much better than a decade ago because injectors are better than ever. When you get Botox training today, you’re trained in techniques that didn’t exist a few years ago. And because patients are more satisfied with results, they’re more likely to choose Botox treatment again and again.

6. The age group 40-54 is growing. This group is mature in their careers in many cases and often earns a high wage. And they need to take action to stave off aging to keep their jobs and continue advancing in their chosen career fields, so they spend on a variety of beauty products. This age group is getting larger every day as well. You’ll notice anti-aging products being advertised to this group more than in the past, so even more of these Baby Boomers are becoming aware of the issue. This group accounts for as much as 50 percent of the Botox market, and with additional education as well as the continued maturing of society, this group will grow further.

7. Young adults are increasingly turning to Botox. In fact, the demand has never been higher for Botox among people in their 30s. The growth in this group has been about 4 percent a year. That makes sense because at age 35, skin begins to lose elasticity as collagen production decreases. Lines and wrinkles begin to show up. And thanks to better education of the public about Botox, people in their 30s now know that Botox is a viable and readily available treatment option. Still, this market remains relatively untapped by comparison with the older age group, so there is enormous potential there for those who get into the Botox injection business to grab these clients as they age into the group and then keep them for life.

8. People are becoming aware of preventative Botox. Younger people are starting to realize that Botox isn’t just used for correction of cosmetic issues. Studies have made it clear that Botox can actually prevent lines and wrinkles of the face from developing and from becoming more noticeable if they’ve already developed. This is a relatively new finding, so potential clients are only just coming around to this reality. If face muscles can’t form or strengthen lines, the lines will be less prominent throughout the patient’s lifetime. Young adults are only now learning that a proactive approach using Botox can make a significant difference in the way they look later in life.

9. The “bro-tox” era has arrived. Men are more frequently choosing Botox, dermal fillers and related cosmetic procedures than ever before. Demand from 2000 until the present increased among men more than 300 percent. Many men want to get rid of their furrowed brows in favor of a more fit, youthful and refreshed look. Lines can equate to stress, worry and anger, and those things don’t make a positive impression. With more competition in the workplace and the social scene, this pressure has never been stronger than it is now. Men are still just a small percentage of all Botox clients, so a medical professional just getting Botox training has a large pool of male potential clients he or she can tap into.

10. Off-label usage of Botox is growing. While Botox is FDA-approved for only a limited number of areas on the face, advanced Botox injectors are using it to treat more areas than ever before. Botox Cosmetic is being used with great success to treat the depressor anguli oris muscles to correct dropping of the mouth corners. And it can be used with care to tighten the neck and improve the profile. Many experts predict that off-label use will continue to grow, and some off-label uses could also become FDA-approved. Either way, this increases the overall usage of Botox.

11. New uses for Botox have recently been approved. Originally, Botox was approved in 2002 to treat frown lines. One of the most recently approved uses is for lateral canthal lines — or crow’s feet. As more and more uses are proven, additional FDA approvals will be granted, adding to the uses for this preparation and the publicity and public knowledge about it. Of course, this even further increases the already strong demand for Botox injections and well-trained medical professionals to do the injections.

What it boils down to is this: more and more people are opting for the needle to meet their cosmetic needs. And that increases the need for injectors and the financial opportunities for those who decide to get Botox training and go into the Botox injection business.

Where Botox is concerned, there’s more than enough demand to go around.

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