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Choose Dallas Online Botox Training That Respects Your Busy Schedule

Online Courses For BotoxDallas is a big city, of course, with dozens of respected educational institutions and even more training centers of various sorts, and that means that people all over Big D are going to school at this moment for a variety of reasons. But many are uncomfortably crammed into meeting rooms, hotel ballrooms or lecture halls that don’t take their comfort and convenience into consideration.

Don’t worry with parking hassles, rude classmates or having to find an obscure training center miles from your practice when you take your Botox training. Instead, choose an online Botox training program that gets you the education and certification you need without a lot of hassles.

The right choice for training is Dentox and the world’s foremost expert on Botox, Dr. Howard Katz.

Why The Dentox Program Is Best

The online Botox training program from Dentox is the best available largely because of Dr. Katz. His years of training experience mean you get the best training when you choose him, just like so many other Dallas medical professionals have. Here are some of the things that set the Dentox program apart from copycat programs:
• Dr. Katz teaches proven, tested techniques that help you get new patients for your practice without spending a lot on startup.
• Your certification comes from a man who is an innovator in the field of Botox training and whose name is on the patent application for many such products.
• There’s really no other completely interactive and hands-on type of online Botox education.
• Local refresher courses are always available to you for free at the Dentox facility in San Diego.
• Your class fee includes AGD Continuing Education credit you need.

Everything’s Included In Dentox Training

When you choose to take online training for Botox and dermal filler injection from your Dallas office or home, you get complete details on how to use Botox for the benefit of your patients. You even learn how to explain Botox to patients for maximum benefit to everyone involved. Essentially, it’s complete proficiency you get, so you can’t go wrong.

The class includes detailed course manuals, useful resource lists for later and sample forms you can use. Plus, you get the materials you need for your hands-on testing from your location to prove mastery of the material.

Online Courses Are Simply Better

In-person classes waste time. When you learn online:
• you connect better with your instructor because he talks directly to you
• you can look back on the class recording anytime you want for years
• your testing happens privately, so there’s no peer pressure
• you can consult with Dr. Katz by email later on any tough cases.

Great connection, the ability to look back, private testing and consultations later aren’t usually included with in-person training.

Make An Intelligent Dallas Botox Training Choice

The smartest choice for Dallas Botox education is a guy from California, as it turns out. He’s the best in the world at what he does, and you’ll know from the first moment you experience his teaching that he’s the right trainer for you. Why not contact us now to get the ball rolling?

Choose to bring online Botox training to your office or home and get the best possible training. When you go to the source, you get first-class training that will serve you well for many years to come.

You’ll never regret getting your Botox and dermal filler training from Dr. Howard Katz -• a respected private practice dentist and longtime trainer who created online Botox training. Why settle for a latecomer when you can choose the original?

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