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Clinical Pearls – Botox & Fillers Training Videos Part 2

This blog post is the next installation of a multi-part series of articles exploring the hidden gems of Dentox’s YouTube channel. Each article briefly explores a pair of videos in each of which Dr. Howard Katz’s shares his famous tips and tricks. These are the same tidbits of professional insider knowledge that put Dentox courses at the head of the pack in medical aesthetics education.

The fatigued look

Among other benefits, Botox is of course a quick and effective treatment for facial lines (also known as wrinkles). It’s commonplace for patients to visit to have their forehead treated to remove wrinkles. As reported in a previous hidden gem posting, a solid understanding of facial anatomy can help you navigate the curious issues that can arise when dealing with procedures involving the forehead.

The two main muscles of the forehead are the frontalis and corrugators muscles. The frontalis and corrugator muscles act in opposition to one another, thereby necessitating an equivalent counterbalancing of your treatment of the forehead area. Injections too far up or too far down on the forehead can have an effect on how the brow influences the appearance of the eyes.

In this video, Dr. Katz looks at specific cause of the “fatigued look” and provides an overview of how it can be corrected. It’s all about the forehead.

Botox and scarring

The push / pull relationship between the two main muscles of the forehead can also have a significant effect on how scars form and display on the skin.

Imagine a horizontal scar across the forehead. As it heals, what sort of an effect do you imagine the vertical pull of a muscle has on how the scar ends up looking?

In just over a minute in this second hidden YouTube gem, Dr. Katz explains how scarring is exacerbated on the forehead, and how practitioners have the tools and strategies to reduce the visibility and severity of facial scars.

Life deals us all sorts of unpredictable events. Our scars indicate the life lessons we’ve learned, but they need not remain as permanent visible reminders to others. There are many ways in which you can enrich the lives of your patients scar-free after gaining the best and most current knowledge in the field from Dentox. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic and everything an expert with 35 years experience can teach you, check out our training courses at

We’re proud to share our expert knowledge with a wider audience on a platform like YouTube. If you liked this video, you can check out one of our many other “genius minute” and testimonial videos or you can simply check back in here when we share our next hidden gem!

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