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Coming To Houston: Botox Training With World-Renowned Trainer Dr. Howard Katz

For over 30 years, doctors and dentists have been learning Botox injection hands-on from Dr. Howard Katz, founder of Dentox. Now, Botox training in Houston with Dr. Katz is here.

Not only was Dr. Katz the first Botox trainer – making him the most experienced in his field – he also has his name on the patent application for the Botox product. No medical professional can claim a longer history with Botox. He also represents Dentox around the world in speeches and seminars.

houston Botox Training course

Hands-On Botox Training From A Trusted Name

When you want to learn how to inject Botox into your medical and dental clients for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes, it makes sense to turn to the best trainer with the best program. When you choose the new Botox training Houston medical professionals can trust, you can learn in a single day how to improve glabellas, nasolabials, forehead wrinkles and smile lines for your patients in just 2 minutes without wasting materials.

Medicals professionals who are licensed in Texas can bring along an assistant, nurse or patient and inject them right there in the seminar under the supervision of Dr. Katz and his team. If you aren’t licensed in Texas, you can learn on simulated skin while still getting the full course in diagnosing and assessing.

The course also includes details on how you can successfully use Botox for migraine treatment, to reduce or eliminate pericranial muscle spasms, mitigate depression symptoms and more. By decompressing blood vessels and nerves with careful Botox usage, you can decrease pain for your patients and increase their quality of life.

More Than Just Botox Training In Houston

The one-day course also includes two other important components: dermal filler treatments are taught and platelet-rich plasma therapy training. Dermal fillers are a smart choice for helping to enhance the jawline, lips and cheekbones of your clients and can be used for the exclusive DentoX LIFT procedure, a non-surgical facelift that can make a real difference for a patient in a matter of a few minutes – with no scarring, no downtime and no general anesthetic. This procedure is explained in depth in the seminar.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of your Botox training in Houston from Dr. Katz is your instruction in platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP treatment can replace dermal fillers for a much lower cost, speed healing of medical and dental procedures and more. By refining a very small sample of your patient’s own blood, you can give them better outcomes at a lower price.

PRP therapy is being used by Dr. Katz and his students to improve healing after complex medical procedures, dental bone grafts and more.

Additionally, Dentox training includes a mini-course on marketing and advertising so you’re sure to see enhanced revenue after your one-day training course. Free online refresher courses are also available. And as well as the 10 hours continuing education credit you get for the course, 8 hours of additional credit are available for the refresher courses. Documentation is covered in the course, and you get listed in the Dentox Certified Practitioners Directory as well.

Make A Smart Choice For Your Future

If it’s time to enhance your practice by enhancing your skills, consider taking Botox training Houston medical professionals are sure to benefit from. Take the Dentox one-day training seminar from Dr. Howard Katz and learn among your peers from one of the most respected names in Botox training.

You need continuing education credit anyway, and there’s no more profitable way to spend a day than in training for Botox, dermal fillers, the DentoX LIFT procedure and revolutionary platelet-rich plasma therapy. It’s all available in one day – and it’s now here in Houston.

Botox Training Houston Course Details

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