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Dermal Fillers Course Dates Announced For Los Angeles

los angeles dermal fillers class

It is astonishing when you think about it that dentists are not given training in dermal fillers as part of their standardised study to become dentists. After all, they spend their entire working lives examining their patients’ faces and trying to ensure that they are as healthy and as cosmetically pleasing as possible, offering them treatments that range as widely as dentures to ensure that the face shape is consistent, to veneers to ensure that teeth are straight and white, to braces to ensure that the jawline is correct. It is a very small step to then consider dermal fillers, which in some cases provide the exact same result in maintaining the facial shape and ensuring that the best cosmetic outlook is offered to the patient. A new training course is seeking to rectify this, and is offering  dermal filler training to dentists who live in the Los Angeles area.

So what are dermal fillers? Put simply, a dermal filler is an injectable cosmetic chemical that is placed just underneath the skin in order to fill in any wrinkles or loss of softness, in order to create a much smoother appearance on the skin. Many people talk about them in the same breath as Botox, and although they aim to solve a similar problem, the approach is very different and uses the body in a different way to achieve that wrinkle free look. Instead of paralysing the muscle so that it cannot crinkle, as Botox does, dermal fillers actually plump up the skin to return it the softness and smoothness that it has lost. There are currently six different types of dermal filler chemical that is FDA approved for use in the US, and this training course includes training in at least three of these.

Typically, for a dermal filler course Los Angeles would not be the first place that you would consider, and yet that is the location of this day of training. For many medical professionals just having a one day training course for such a complex area of medicine – and one that, should it go wrong, would be instantly obvious to the patient and all around that – would simply not be sufficient, but that is where the difference lies between dentists and many other health professionals. As a dentist spends each and every day working with the face, the different muscles and nerves, seeing how a person’s face changes over the years and with time, they are perfectly placed to understand just what a patient may ask of them when it comes to dermal fillers. Dentists also have the advantage of much experience with needles and injections, something that not every medical individual can boast.

Like any training course it is only as good as its instructor, and that individual is Dr Howard Katz. World renowned for his experience and research into Botox injections – to the point where he actually owns the patents for most of the equipment used in the administration of the medicine – he also has a wide knowledge base in dermal fillers, and has been teaching this training course for over twenty years. Much of the teaching that he now performs is overseas, in colleges and institutions based in many parts of Europe, South Africa, and even in places such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. As the medical field has evolved, so has his teaching, and so Dr Howard Katz remains a leading expert in this area. For those who live in and around Los Angeles, his training course provides the opportunity to learn about dermal fillers without losing more than just one working day.

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