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During Morning Operations in Bolton, Numerous Illicit Pharmaceuticals Were Confiscated

The MHRA's Criminal Enforcement Unit (CEU) raided three homes and six business premises in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and seized suspected unlicensed medical products.

The MHRA’s Criminal Enforcement Unit (CEU) raided three homes and six business premises in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and seized suspected unlicensed medical products.

The Criminal Enforcement Unit (CEU) of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) conducted coordinated raids on three residential and six commercial locations in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and confiscated a quantity of suspected unlicensed medical products.

Two women and a man were arrested in the early hours of Thursday, July 13, 2023, during a series of searches at nine different residences in Bolton, Westhoughton, and Leigh.

Unapproved medical products, such as Botox, dermal fillers, and anesthetics, were confiscated by the MHRA and the Greater Manchester Police.

The MHRA’s Criminal Enforcement Deputy Director stated:

In the wrong hands, drugs of this strength could have devastating effects on a person’s health. These goods are illegal, and the criminals who sell them have little regard for your safety.

Without proper authorization, it is illegal to advertise, sell, or supply these drugs. It’s important to exercise caution if you come across these or similar harmful pharmaceuticals being sold on platforms like Facebook or other websites. It’s quite improbable that it’s real. The MHRA’s Yellow Card scheme allows you to anonymously report safety hazards.

In order to protect your health, our Criminal Enforcement Unit will keep trying to stop this illicit transaction. We appreciate the support of our colleagues in Greater Manchester Police today.

A member of the GMP’s Economic Crime Unit stated:

As demonstrated by our joint effort this morning, we are committed to combating money laundering in Greater Manchester and are trying to make it as difficult as possible for individuals to conceal unlawful finances.

Although we have three people in custody at this time, the investigation is ongoing, and we will not rest until we have completely eliminated this type of criminal activity from the area.

Tips for Safe Online Medicine Purchases from the MHRA

  • Be wary of buying drugs online. There are strict regulations regarding the distribution and sale of medicines and medical devices because they are not like other products on the market. It’s easy to be tempted by websites that operate outside the legal supply chain and provide things like “prescription drugs” that don’t require a doctor’s note. In addition to being illegal, some sites are hazardous to your health.
  • Avoid prescribing your own medication. Self-diagnosis and self-medication are potentially lethal practices. Go to a healthcare professional if you’re feeling unwell, and if they recommend medication, buy it from a reliable pharmacy.

In the wrong hands, medical treatments like Botox can have devastating effects on people’s health. Safety, quality, and efficiency benchmarks should all be met.

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