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Easy and Convenient Dallas Online Botox Training

The city of Dallas hosts a large portion of businesses, educational centers, and offers a variety of educational training programs. Many professionals bring their students for a workshop but a lack of space often creates a situation where everyone is jammed into a tiny meeting room or delegated to a larger space that has minimal features (no comfortable seating, nearby restrooms, or access to food or beverages. When you require a large meeting room you may sacrifice comfort to get a larger area.

Beyond that, you also need to worry about where you will park and how far you’ll have to walk to get to the location from your hotel room. Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to just take the courses online in the comfort of your own home? Skip the crowded meeting rooms, lack of parking availability, and hotel bills and take the training at your pace and when it is convenient for you.

The right choice for training is Dentox and the world’s foremost expert on Botox, Dr. Howard Katz.

If this sounds like a good option you should consider Dentox as your choice for online Botox training. You’ll learn from the best in the business, Dr. Howard Katz, a leading authority on Botox applications. He has years of experience as a teaching professional and has traveled the world educating students on the benefits and practical use of Botox.

What Makes The Dentox Program Different

When you enroll in the online Botox training program from Dentox, you’ll get access to the best educational resources and the chance to practice hands-on skills, something not offered in some other programs.

Dr. Katz shares his knowledge from his experiences as a doctor, educator, and world traveler making these courses available to students in a diverse area. He is the world’s leading authority on Botox and our lead instructor. Choose to learn from the best and join our other students in the best training in Botox for medical professionals. Here are a few more reasons to choose Dentox for your training program:

  • Katz offers proven, effective application techniques as well as teaching ways to bring in more patients for your practice.
  • One difference in this training program is the hands-on training portion. Many other programs do not offer anything like this. You have the opportunity to learn and then practice the skill under the instructor’s watchful eye.
  • Your instructor holds the patents on several Botox applications and is a leader in the field. You’ll learn from the best and your certification will prove it.
  • Included in your tuition fee is AGD Continuing Education credit.
  • Once you have completed the course, you’re eligible to attend refresher courses anytime at the San Diego Dentox facility to brush up your skills.

All-inclusive Dentox Training

When taking the online training for Botox at home in Dallas, you will get access to all the training materials and resources as well as in-depth instruction for how to use Botox for your patients.

Advantages to These Online Courses:

  • Individualized instruction in a one-on-one setting (you see and hear him) and you can ask questions just like in a regular classroom
  • You can go back and review your lessons anytime
  • Your practice and hands-on skill testing are done privately
  • If you have questions in the future you can email Dr. Katz and get a reply within 24 hours.

The training and skills you learn from this training program will benefit you and your practice for years to come. You owe it to your patients to provide the best services available and learn it from someone who wrote the book on Botox administration.

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