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Ever since 50-year-old Ben Affleck got Botox to fix his face because “he disliked how old and tired he looked,” Jennifer Lopez has become the public’s enemy

To make him appear more youthful, Ben Affleck recently underwent Botox injections.

To make him appear more youthful, Ben Affleck recently underwent Botox injections.

Since marrying Jennifer Lopez, American actor Ben Affleck has been making great efforts to age gracefully and get in shape. Affleck reportedly tried some artificial ways of making himself look much younger after J. Lo’s strict diet and training regime presumably weren’t enough.

Ben Affleck, according to a person close to the couple, recently got Botox injections to help him look younger. The actor from Changing Lanes was tired of people mistaking him for an elderly man, according to an insider.

According to the source, the celebrity had Botox injections all over his face, including the forehead, between the brows, the crow’s feet, and the area around the mouth for a subtle lift. He really despised the way he was starting to appear old and exhausted.

The insider went on to say, “It’s got to be killing him that he starts looking so stiff-faced and swollen,” implying that, regardless of the possible advantages of the treatment, he is surely experiencing great pain.

Jennifer Lopez’s reputation for caring deeply about her public image has led to speculation that she pressured Ben Affleck to get the injections. There have been comments made about Jennifer Lopez pressuring the Argo actor to get Botox.

Even though receiving Botox injections was obviously Ben Affleck’s decision, the source says that Jennifer Lopez is receiving a great deal of flak for it because people believe she manipulated the Gone Girl actor to undergo the procedure.

People are making up that Jennifer was involved, the source said. She is so concerned with her appearance that she is constantly telling him to stand up straight and groom himself. Jennifer has been working to enhance Ben’s appearance ever since they rekindled their relationship.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married in Las Vegas last year. It has been reported that the couple eloped to “Sin City” and tied the knot in a modest ceremony. In August, they hosted a second wedding reception at Affleck’s mansion in Riceboro for their closest friends and relatives.

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