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Faye Winter strikes back at the trolls who sent her hateful messages when she confesses that she has ruined her face with filler

Faye Winter has retaliated against trolls after arguing that only trained medical professionals should provide Botox and filler treatments.

Faye Winter has retaliated against trolls after arguing that only trained medical professionals should provide Botox and filler treatments.

After advocating that only licensed medical professionals should administer Botox and filler treatments, Faye Winter has hit back at trolls.

A former Love Island contestant shared an Instagram video in which she lamented the state of her lips.

Faye, 28, acknowledged she had “gone too far” in her pursuit of bigger lips, describing her previous appearance as “embarrassing.”

She also advised fans to be cautious when seeking beauty treatments from specialists who may not have the appropriate medical qualifications to handle needles.

However, her post attracted a significant amount of criticism from individuals within the industry, and Faye disclosed that she had unfortunately received some threatening messages as well.

Last night she posted to Instagram, “The amount of love I have had off my reel is fantastic,” and it has now gone viral.

She admitted, “I have received messages from a few individuals that contained content of a sensitive nature.”

She continued, “I understand that you may know about my place, but I want to assure you that I am in a secure situation. I have security.”

“The people who are sending me messages filled with strong negative emotions and are borderline mad may likely be those who have taken short-term courses and profited handsomely from many people.”

She continued, “What I’m saying is that I really do believe in my heart of hearts that a doctor, a nurse, or a dentist who has trained for five years possesses a deeper understanding of the human body, including blood vessels, muscles, and bruising, compared to those who have only completed a one-day course.” The star, who was unrecognizably young before getting Botox, was referring to her medical personnel.

“I have come across instances where unfortunate experiences are not commonly shared on Instagram, as individuals may feel embarrassed. In addition, it is worth noting that practitioners may choose not to showcase such stories,” she said.

“It appears that America and Australia have a more restricted approach, where only doctors and nurses are authorized to perform the task.”

Faye received positive feedback from fans when she shared images showing her lumpy and botched lips.

Fans greatly appreciated her honesty and expressed admiration for her courage in sharing her thoughts.

One expressed gratitude for addressing this matter.

A second commented: “It’s truly admirable that you have the courage to express yourself. I appreciate you.”

“What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing and for highlighting that excessive filler use can result in lasting skin flexibility.” as mentioned by a third.

While a fourth expressed the comment, “Congratulations, Faye, on helping to inspire and educate at least a few female readers.”

The star previously disclosed that she underwent a breast augmentation procedure to celebrate her 18th birthday.

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