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‘Filling’ Out Your Practice Even More

aesthetics injection (dermal fillers)While expanding an established practice can seem like a huge undertaking, the cost inherent for making dermal fillers available is actually very nominal. Since the procedure involves no extensive investigations or expensive equipment, the cost of setting it up is just what you spend on training and acquiring the necessary skill to give dermal fillers to patients, that’s all. And this too is a one time expenditure, because training requires a few short sessions, and then you’re equipped with that skill set for life. In fact whatever money you invest in the training sessions pays itself back over a very short period of time, and after that, it’s pure profit.

Almost all dentists who choose to incorporate Botox into their practice also opt for dermal filler training, because both the procedures go hand in hand. Not only does having both the procedures available appeal to most patients choosing Botox for cosmetic reasons, but also, both the procedures augment their effects, as dermal fillers improve the effects of Botox, and vice versa, especially in the deeply creased areas such as the mouth and cheeks. And it barely takes any time at all, per patient. Dentists need to allot approximately twenty minutes per procedure, out of which only around eleven minutes is spent actually injecting the filler. However, the charges per procedure can clock up to $1450-1500, while the profit margin is huge, upwards of $980-$1000. That is a staggering sum, per patient.

And that’s just for the dermal fillers on their own. If you’re giving combined treatments with Botox and dermal fillers within the same appointment, then the duration stretches up to thirty minutes, on an average- a mere ten minutes more than the dermal fillers on their own. And out of this thirty minutes, the time spend administering Botox and dermal fillers is only around twenty minutes. But the profit margin nearly doubles, with profits of around $2130-$2135 per patient, for sessions of approximately $2880-$2890 per patient.

You don;t need to set up any cumbersome apparatus or machines. Neither does this take up a huge amount of available clinic space- a moderately sized room with good lighting, any free room that can be lit up suitably, will suffice. Pre existing free space can be modified for these small, half an hour session procedures that will add a gargantuan straight profit to your accounts. And as your proficiency grows, your patient base gets more established and your profits increase correspondingly too. It’s not surprising, after figures like these, that so many dental practices are choosing to offer Botox and dermal fillers as well.

Of course, the skill set you furnish will form the backbone of your profit scale. And getting trained by one of the original patent holders of Botox, Dr. Howard Katz, can’t be beat, when it comes to comprehensive guides and proficiency. The course offered by Dentox, over viewed by Dr. Katz, supplies just these kind of skills to dentists who take the course. In addition, they are provided with a direct contact to Dr. Katz himself, who helps answer any doubts the students might have about the coursework or procedures. It’s a small amount of time, a minimum amount of money, and a huge asset to any dentist’s pre existing skill set. Find out about Dentox courses available to boost your practice too.

Sign up for Dr. Katz’s Dermal Fillers Program here, and Botox Training Program here.

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