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In Historic Philadelphia, Going Modern For Botox Training Saves Times And Hassles  

online botox certificationThe reasons for choosing online Botox training over stale, old-fashioned in-person classes are many — like fewer hassles and less time away from your work. It may seem counterintuitive to choose a modern and cutting-edge approach to training here in Philadelphia where so much is based on this nation’s rich history. But you’re already a modern type, aren’t you? Your practice is filled with modern advances that make your version of medicine superior to the way it was when this nation was first founded.

It only makes sense for your Botox training to be as modern as your other methods of treating patients.

When you choose online training, you can forget about parking issues, freezing cold meeting facilities and eating food from a convention center snack bar. And if there’s anyone rude or annoying at your home or office while you’re taking online Botox training here in Philadelphia, it’s your own fault.

The Dentox Program Is Best

Dr. Howard Katz founded the Dentox training company and is the creator of online Botox training. When you choose training with Dentox, you’re choosing to work online directly with Dr. Katz, an innovator and world leader in Botox whose name is on the patient application for many related products. With years of experience in training Philadelphia medical professionals and others around the world, he’s the best choice for you. And his online training program means you don’t have to wait until the next time he’s in the area to benefit from his expertise.

Specifically, Dentox is a sensible training choice because:

  • It brings online technology to proven teaching techniques to make sure you completely learn and understand every aspect of the material. You even learn how to get patients to choose your services instead of others — and incur very few startup costs.
  • Your certification really means something in the industry because it comes from a man and a company with such high name recognition and respect in the industry. You can’t do better than Dr. Katz and Dentox.
  • No other online Botox program in Philadelphia or anywhere else is both interactive and hands-on — ensuring you learn real, useful techniques and not just empty theories.
  • You can get a refresher from the Dentox team anytime you’re in San Diego. All you have to do is arrange a visit to Dentox headquarters.
  • You get AGD Continuing Education credit that you may need anyway. Even if you don’t need the credit, the training will pay for itself after just a few patients.

Online Courses Are Almost Always Superior

When you take your Botox and dermal filler training from Dr. Katz at your home or practice in Philadelphia, you get complete information and all the materials you need to prove yourself to Dr. Katz. You even get resource materials and form samples that will help you down the road. But those things aren’t the only reasons the Dentox program is such a good choice. Online training is simply better than in-person training for the following reasons:

  • When the instructor talks to the camera instead of a huge room, you can connect better and therefore understand better.
  • When you train online, you test in private by providing documentation to the Dentox team. There’s no room of people you have to stand up in front of.
  • The high-quality class recording is available for you to look at again and again, even years later. That means you can refresh your skills anytime.
  • Dr. Katz remains available to you for email consultations indefinitely. Most in-person instructors don’t offer that level of follow-up guidance.

Choose modern and sensible online Botox training from Dentox here in Philadelphia, and say goodbye to all the hassle of training in person. For you and for others who choose online Botox training, hassles are history.

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