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How to Recognize and Prevent Spock Eyebrows

Many people would like their eyebrows to be perfectly shaped.

Many people would like their eyebrows to be perfectly shaped.

Spock eyebrows are nothing to make light of, despite their humorous moniker. Spock eyebrows, also known as Spock brows or Joker’s eyebrows, get their name from the famously arched-eyed Star Trek character. They develop when Botox® is injected in the incorrect location of the lower forehead and brow area.

We aren’t picking on Botox in particular. Spock eyebrows may result from using any neuromodulating drug made with botulinum toxin type A, such as Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®.

Even though the effects of Botox are supposed to be temporary, the Spock eyebrows some people experience can last for months.

Spock Eyebrows: What Are They?

Treatment with Botox for frown lines, crow’s feet, or brow lifting often results in the unintended side effect of a “Spock brow.” 

The condition, marked by an exaggerated outward arch of the eyebrows, typically manifests itself within a week of starting treatment. The effect typically lasts for four to six months, or until the medication is no longer effective.

Uneven Botox injections can cause a “Spock eyebrow,” which appears when the muscles in the forehead are no longer properly balanced. It occurs when the frontalis muscle, which makes up the majority of the forehead, is not injected with Botox along with two other muscles in the area (the procerus muscle, which runs up the center of the forehead from the nose, and the corrugator muscle, which runs along the top of each brow). The frontalis muscle pulls the brow upward and outward while the procerus and corrugator muscles are paralyzed, giving the face its characteristically arched appearance.

Avoiding Botox-Induced Spock Brows

Spock eyebrow can’t be avoided by simply dosing the frontalis muscle properly. Over-injecting the frontalis muscle can lead to additional issues, and each patient’s forehead anatomy is unique.

Some skilled injectors recommend splitting up a Botox treatment for the forehead into two appointments, with the first session consisting of a lower dose of injections followed by a touch-up session 10 to 14 days later. The risk of a fatal overdose from a first injection is decreased, and the results can be fine-tuned and tailored to the individual. (The only solution here is to be patient and wait for it to resolve itself over the course of several months.)

It is possible to fix Spock's eyebrows with more Botox treatments.

It is possible to fix Spock’s eyebrows with more Botox treatments.

Can Spock Eyebrows Be Fixed?

Prevention is always preferable to treatment when it comes to cosmetic issues, and patients who don’t want Spock’s eyebrows are no exception. The best way to lessen your chances of experiencing any complications from Botox, including the development of Spock’s eyebrows, is to work with a seasoned injector who has done countless treatments on the forehead and brows.

However, even the most skilled injectors of Botox occasionally make mistakes. What can you do if you start to develop a Spock brow after getting Botox?

With additional Botox injections, Spock eyebrows can be corrected. The key is to be patient, though. 

Although the effects of Spock’s brow are visible within a few days, the full effects of botulinum toxin type A may not be seen for up to two weeks. Make sure to schedule your follow-up appointment at least two weeks after your initial treatment if you want to maintain the brow arch you’ve achieved.

If your original injector is unwilling to provide free touch-up injections or you no longer feel comfortable working with them, you should find someone else who has a solid track record of satisfied patients. They may provide the service at no cost or at a steep discount in the hopes that you will use them as your primary source of aesthetic medicine.

The Dentox training program may teach you how to use Botox to fix your Spock’s eyebrows. Dr. Howard Katz is, without a doubt, the most skilled and accomplished expert trainer in the area of cosmetic and therapeutic injectables. Join us, and we’ll show you how to become an outstanding injector who can deliver results that blow the doors off the expectations of your patients. 

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