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I Don’t Give a Fuck About Trolls Who Call Me a Bad Mother Because I Enjoy Fillers and Botox

Many people made snide remarks about Jennifer Ferguson, with some even calling her a “bad mom.” Jennifer has spoken out against cyberbullying in an exclusive interview with The Sun’s Fabulous magazine. She hopes that her words will help normalize being a woman and a mother.

Jennifer and Stephen Donelly, who live in Upstate New York, had their first child, Atlas, seven months ago, and he already has “about 200 followers” on Instagram.

She assisted her husband with his marketing endeavors, and she also serves as an interior designer for their joint venture, Atlas James Construction.

Jennifer is the proud owner of Iza & Co., a clothing business that features everything from lounge sets to bodycon gowns.

Jennifer Ferguson said that a major factor in her quick ascent to fame on the TikTok video-sharing app was her penchant for keeping up with the latest trends.

Jennifer Ferguson said that a major factor in her quick ascent to fame on the TikTok video-sharing app was her penchant for keeping up with the latest trends.

She claimed that her meteoric rise to fame on the video-sharing app TikTok was due in large part to the fact that she has always been someone who follows the latest trends.

Now that she’s famous, she’s also getting obscene messages from admirers and even some celebrity names in her direct messages.

She mentioned that someone had requested that she fart into a jar and submit it to them and that another had offered “big bucks” for a film of her pouring lotion into her hands.

“Recently, one who was clearly mad requested that I berate him,” she remarked.

Jennifer claims that ever since she got rid of her pregnancy weight, people have started calling her a “hot mom” again.

Even though she felt stunning while carrying her son, she ultimately decided that “pregnancy isn’t for” her. I’m relieved to finally be able to have some Botox and filler and feel like my old self again. Because of this, I am once again known as a “hot mom,” despite having lost weight. She said, “Only one more baby for me now.”

The only portion of Jennifer's face that has filler is her lips.

The only portion of Jennifer’s face that has filler is her lips.

Jennifer has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures, beginning with a boob job in 2016.

Then she continued, “I was completely flat before surgery. As a result, I spent my entire life feeling self-conscious about my chest because of how it looked.”

“Getting a breast augmentation was a major factor in improving my confidence. My choice proved to be a good one in the end.”

She progressed from an A-cup to a 34 DDD and a 36 DD after getting her second boob operation in 2019.

She also doesn’t mind admitting that she gets Botox and filler: “I receive Botox on my full face. I notice it in my jowls, frown lines, and crow’s feet.”

“Even though I’m only 32 years old, I can tell that I’m starting to show signs of aging. So, we’re working to stop it from happening.”

She uses Botox “pretty much all over,” but her lips are the only part of her face where she gets filler.

“I also do stuff like laser hair removal, facials, and hair extensions.” She continued, “I also had surgery to reduce the size of my earlobes, which had become too large as a result of having her ears gauged.”

Jennifer has also attempted CoolSculpting, a fat-reduction procedure that uses cryolipolysis.

Jennifer has also attempted CoolSculpting, a fat-reduction procedure that uses cryolipolysis.

CoolSculpting, which employs cryolipolysis, is another fat-reduction method that Jennifer has tried.

It’s a noninvasive cooling method that has been patented for spot reduction of localized fat.

Jennifer said, “I want people to realize that things like that are bought and not natural. I have no problem with it. Obviously, it’s my own flesh and blood. I am a very forthright and confident person.”

As a result of her openness, Jennifer frequently faces criticism from strangers on the internet.

“People will think I’m a bad mom when, in fact, I’m a great mom, but they won’t know that.” Jennifer retorted.

“I use social media, but in real life, I spend all of my days with my children. I’m the one who tends to them, who changes diapers, and who does everything else.”

“But people judge me as a bad mother because of my appearance, which is ridiculous.”

Jennifer advised, “If you have the means to have it done, do it.”

Jennifer continued, “Some people are just cruel, but I’ve learned not to take their words personally.”

What will Jennifer do next? She’s so forthright about her experiences as a mother, company owner, and cosmetic treatment patient that she’s bound for a reality show.

She finally admitted, “I want a reality TV show.”. When asked if she wanted to be the next Kris Jenner–style mom, she said, “I would adore it.”

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