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In light of the side-by-side photo of ‘Notorious,’ fans have begun to speculate that Conor McGregor has undergone Botox treatment

Conor McGregor’s fans have wondered if the fighter has ever used Botox.

Conor McGregor, a superstar of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is currently in Las Vegas filming for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter in anticipation of his comeback fight against Michael Chandler this year.

Fans of UFC superstar Conor McGregor have joked about whether or not he has undergone plastic surgery to achieve his new appearance.

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Dustin Poirier in 2021 and breaking his leg in the process, the UFC superstar has been sidelined for close to two years. However, the Irishman has ramped up his comeback since it was announced that he would be fighting Michael Chandler again as part of the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter.

McGregor was in Las Vegas over the weekend filming the coaching segment of the series, in which the two fighters will face off against one another in a head-to-head bout. He also watched Jon Jones, a UFC heavyweight, make a successful return to the sport by defeating Cyril Gane by choking out the latter to win the championship.

McGregor has been seen sporting a new look in the weeks leading up to his return, and the UFC has now released a video of him and Chandler making their predictions for the main event of UFC 285. 

And the comment section was ablaze with excitement from the fans. They believe McGregor’s appearance (especially his face) has been artificially enhanced.  

Some of Conor McGregor’s supporters have speculated that the fighter may have used Botox. And just recently, Henry Cejudo hinted that “Notorious” might actually be doping with performance-enhancing drugs.

While fans eagerly await Conor McGregor’s return to UFC action, the fighter is busy flaunting his lavish lifestyle and travels on social media. Like clockwork, any “Notorious” post or statement generates discussion, but after a fan juxtaposed a recent photo of McGregor with one from a few years ago, some began to wonder if he had undergone botox treatment.

Most commenters attribute McGregor’s striking physical transformation to the use of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids or growth hormones, though some point to Botox as the culprit.

Due to McGregor’s undeniable muscle growth, his detractors have repeatedly claimed that he uses performance-enhancing drugs. Henry Cejudo, a former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion, is the most recent MMA celebrity to question McGregor’s sudden bulk.

There’s something quite odd about McGregor’s appearance, according to Cejudo. He’s concerned that his profile gives the impression that he’s overly hefty. His subsequent remarks are as follows: “I’m wondering what exactly he’s taking and if it’s good for him. This is due to the fact that increasing one’s size and strength is achievable, but not without costs.”  

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