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Inject Foreheads Correctly For Patient Satisfaction – Or End Up Paying To Correct The Outcome

Inject Foreheads Correctly For Patient Satisfaction – Or End Up Paying To Correct The Outcome

If your Botox patient isn’t satisfied with the results you provide, they’ll expect you to perform additional injections for free to correct the problem. You’ll have to comply to save your reputation and avoid bad reviews. When you’ve gotten good Botox training from a respected training company, you have the skills to get the job done right the first time.

Many patients want forehead injections, but you must determine which forehead muscle is the strongest to inject correctly for the best results, as Dr. Howard Katz explains in this one-minute Botox tip.

To find the strongest muscle, look for the deepest lines. Just having the patient frown for you won’t provide the information you need. Instead, place your finger on the patient’s eyebrow, then ask the patient to look at your finger. They’ll have to use their frontalis muscle for that. Note which lines are deepest. In some patients, it will be the lines on the upper forehead. Others will display the deepest lines in the middle of the forehead. Inject where lines are deepest for the best results. If you don’t, you’ll be paying to do touchups.

Patients expect excellent results, but you must know the right Botox tips, tricks and techniques to provide outcomes that always satisfy. Otherwise, you’ll lose money trying to correct mistakes you shouldn’t have made in the first place. While correcting your mistakes and those made by others is a skill of its own, it’s better to avoid problems and the product costs associated with correcting them.

To learn how to do Botox correctly on the forehead, around the eyes, at the lips, and more, train with Dentox. When you turn to Dentox, you’ll find Botox and dermal filler training designed with your needs in mind, including online, on demand and in-person training when and where you need it.

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