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Your insurance could soon start paying for PRP injections

Regenerative medicine, or treatments that are able to revitalize a part of the body that had previously been thought to slow down or even shut down, is starting to become more and more popular across the country – and the law is following this change in medical dynamics, enabling insurance companies to engage directly with their customers about what they can claim on. We truly believe that over time, when some of these regenerative medicines are better understand, it will become standard practice for insurance companies to not only accept restorative treatments such as platelet rich plasma, but start to insist on it as the better course of action.

Test tube filled with blood for PRP procedureAthletes from a wide variety of disciplines are starting to depend on platelet rich plasma over corticosteroid injections or hyaluronic acid injections, a clear demonstration of the worth of these new emerging regenerative medicines. In fact, the Met’s Steven Matz and David Wright are just two sportspeople to recognize the validity of this relatively new treatment, and chose it for themselves. These anecdotal experiences are backed up by many of the larger scale studies that are taking place in China. One of them included 14 completely randomized trials, and went on to prove that platelet rich plasma was not only successful in treating knee problems, but was actually more efficient compared with previous treatment methods and placebos. Another recent Chinese study demonstrated that platelet rich plasma was the best source of pain relief and regain of functional movement.

There have also been plenty of trials and studies that have been performed here in the United States of America, examining whether platelet rich plasma would be useful for low back pain or LBP. In all of the studies, it was demonstrated that significant improvement was experienced by almost all patients. These studies are all starting to combine to create a picture where no one has to concern themselves with the old treatment methods now that there is something much better, that can greatly improve their quality of life without any change to their treatment type except what it is the syringe that they are injected with.

It is even being argued by some in the profession that the countless knee operations that are carried out across the country each year could dramatically be reduced in number of patients were able to access the platelet rich plasma injections early on in the injury journey, rather than suffering through second rate treatments that don’t work, and force the patient into accepting unnecessary surgery. This is a complex surgery that is often difficult to recover from – would it not be amazing if even half of the million people per year who undergo such a surgery could avoid it completely?

You may think that it is strange that, with such an easy alternative ahead of them, most patients decide to go with the less successful course of treatment rather than the platelet rich plasma – but the key thing that you have to remember is that at the moment, most insurance policies do not cover platelet rich plasma treatment. It is not yet widely understood, and that means that it is not widely accepted. When a patient is already paying a huge amount for their insurance, they do not want to have to pay again for a treatment, even if it is more likely to help them. This problem will hopefully soon be solved as more medical practitioners and then more insurance companies come to better understand that platelet rich plasma is often the best course of action for the patient.

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