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Interest in Botox Training Course Increases as Professionals Seek to Improve their Skills

The Botox Aesthetics Training Course offered by Dentox is seeing better attendance than ever before. More and more people are becoming interested in taking this medical aesthetics class to gain knowledge, improve their skills, and to better serve their patients. Dr. Howard Katz, the chief instructor of the training course, frequently works with doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals to ensure that they have mastered the skills required in performing Botox procedures for cosmetic purposes.

People Want the Best

A large number of professionals who come to the training class say that they chose this program because they want to learn from the best of the best. We provide the best skills training taught by someone who has been teaching students for over 35 years, Dr. Howard Katz. Dr. Katz is the leading authority on Botox and dermal fillers and is the most qualified person to teach this type of course. Here are some things that set us apart from our competitors:

We improve the practice by teaching the skills needed to stay up-to-date on the latest products and techniques. Medical professionals can better meet the needs of patients by offering a host of services all under one roof. Patients like to make just one appointment and go to one location instead of traveling around to get everything they need. The practice will gain new patients increasing their revenues and upgrading the services currently offered with their newly acquired Botox skills. The investment is actually quite small compared to the cost of other programs, and the ROI is larger and faster.

Courses are taught by a well-known, highly-qualified instructor. Dr. Howard Katz, the chief instructor, holds the patent applications for botulinum toxin injectables Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. There is no one more qualified to teach Botox aesthetic injections than Dr. Katz.

Students are taught the latest techniques using real products. When taking a Botox course from another company, there is no way to know what type of skills and techniques will be taught. What are the credentials of the instructors? How many years have they been teaching students? These are questions that should be asked when considering training. Dr. Katz’s reputation extends worldwide and there is no question of his qualifications for teaching. You can be assured of a quality education under his instruction.

We provide the only hands-on online course. How is it possible to be hands-on in an online course? The skills are taught first using foam heads for practice. The students are then tested to ensure that they have mastered the skill by performing the procedure on a real person with photos as proof of the skill mastery. The student is in communication with the instructor the entire time. By offering a way for the student to practice beforehand it guarantees successful completion of the course. This enables the course to be taught completely online and without the need for travel or additional expenses.

Integrated As Part Of A System

Every medical professional who participates in our online Aesthetics (Botox) training course becomes part of a system that ensures continued support and can always have their questions answered by Dr. Katz. This is a benefit of the course during training and continues even after training has ended. They will have access to contact Dr. Katz with questions concerning specific treatments and will receive an email within 24 hours.

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