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Ironing Wrinkles Out – How to Enhance Your Facial Aesthetics

Offering free consultations with no push to sign up is a great way to get people to try treatments.

So, you’ve finished your facial aesthetics course and are eager to treat clients and use your new knowledge and abilities.

Where do you find all of these clients, though?

If you are an associate dentist in a practice, you may be used to seeing clients back-to-back for appointments that the practice has scheduled for you. As a result, this will be a completely new dynamic to begin developing your clientele for facial aesthetics.

Here are five ways to improve your facial aesthetics:

1. Promote current patients.

Introducing your new facial aesthetics treatments to your current clientele is the easiest way to expand your business. You could do this by displaying advertisements or leaflets in the waiting room.

The client medical history form already in use at your clinic could benefit from an additional section. It might be sufficient to inquire as to whether or not they have ever thought about or are interested in receiving any of these treatments. If they select yes, you can initiate the discussion with them during their regular appointments.

Some treatments may benefit from an introductory discount in order to increase client enrollment.

2. Social media

Social media has become an important tool for marketing and client acquisition for many businesses. Social media sites like Instagram are a very visual and fantastic way to present your work.

Before and after photos of the clients they have treated will be taken by our delegates during our courses. This will enable them to immediately begin showcasing their work and attracting potential clients upon completion of the course.

You could also try some creative documentation techniques while clients are undergoing your treatments. They are more likely to trust you and seek treatment from you if you provide them with more information and value.

3. Website

The first place a potential client will look to learn about your practice and the services you provide is on your website. 

Use this to your advantage by designating a specific section of your website to the topic of facial aesthetics. This should include information about who you are as a practitioner, where you received your education, and why they should choose you.

It’s a good idea to include before and after photos here so that clients can see your work and become inspired to visit.

4. Free consultations

Free consultations with no pressure to commit are an excellent way to encourage clients to seek treatments.

Numerous customers might be anxious. This makes sense, considering that facial aesthetics is a lot like art in that no two practitioners have the same results.

At the consultation, prospective clients can ask questions, learn more about the processes, and get to know you. You do not hesitate to implement a deposit that is redeemable against treatment in order to filter out appointment bookers who do not show up.

5. Treat workers

If you want to immediately put your new knowledge into practice after completing the course, you should have a few clients lined up to treat. This guarantees that your confidence and competence will remain high after the course.

Offering treatment to friends, family, and practice staff is an excellent strategy. You may wish to provide them with an introductory discount to encourage them further.

Many positive outcomes can be expected from this:

  • You can immediately practice your skills.
  • Their recovery can be closely monitored.
  • You add to your portfolio by collecting before and after images.
  • Staff members who have received treatment can tell potential clients about their experience and promote your business!

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