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Is it true that traditional cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity in this era of “filler fatigue”?

Because of the dangers connected with plastic surgery, many people favor less invasive procedures like fillers and Botox.

Because of the dangers connected with plastic surgery, many people favor less invasive procedures like Botox.

Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in demand for cosmetic surgery, with many patients choosing to undergo treatment after becoming dissatisfied with their looks after seeing themselves on Zoom video calls.

Today, more non-invasive options like fillers and Botox are available than ever before if you’re thinking about getting work done to boost your confidence in your appearance. The trick is finding the one that’s right for you.

Nevertheless, a plastic surgeon says that fewer patients want to keep getting injections, and even fewer are willing to risk overfilling an area by getting multiple injections. Lip lifts and brow lifts, two surgical procedures, are gaining popularity as an alternative.

The aforementioned plastic surgeon contends that although he still sees patients who choose minimally invasive surgical procedures, anyone who requires more extensive work and long-lasting results will do best choosing the more conventional approach.

He continues by saying that minimally invasive surgery is acceptable for a specific subset of patients, but Botox or fillers won’t be effective for everyone, even though they might be for some people. They may work for a 40-year-old, but they won’t work on older skin. 

He claims that procedures like cheek lifts and modified brow lifts exist for those who don’t want a complete facelift. They focus on a specific area and last longer than fillers while still being effective.

Numerous laser and radio-frequency procedures are available from other medical specialists, such as dermatologists, to enhance appearance, and because they are less expensive and require less recovery time, many patients choose to undergo these procedures.

The terms “cosmetic surgery” and “plastic surgery” are not interchangeable, in case you were wondering.

Although both specialties focus on altering a patient’s physical appearance, their underlying philosophies for patient outcomes, training, and research are somewhat dissimilar.

Enhancing appearance is the primary goal of cosmetic surgery. The focus is on making everything look better by adjusting things like symmetry and proportion. Aesthetic surgeries are classified as elective because they are performed for purely cosmetic reasons and can be performed on any part of the head, neck, or body. It’s important to note that plastic surgeons are just one of many types of medical professionals who perform elective cosmetic procedures.

The primary goal of plastic surgery is the reconstruction of facial and body deformities brought on by diseases, burns, trauma, and birth defects. As its name implies, it is reconstructive in nature, with the goal of repairing previously damaged tissues. Although many plastic surgeons also specialize in cosmetic procedures, they typically learn the most about reconstructive plastic surgery during their residency programs.

When it comes to the skin, there are actually two distinct aging categories. We age both internally (intrinsically) due to our genetic make-up and externally (extrinsically) due to things like sun exposure and smoking. It takes a trained eye and expert advice to determine which type you’re dealing with and then tailor your treatment accordingly. 

People who start anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox and other similar procedures when they are in their teens and 20s still haven’t been studied enough to determine what the long-term effects of these treatments are going to be like for them. At the moment, no one knows what will happen if the same area of skin is treated over and over again for a long time.

Many people, however, prefer less-invasive methods because they fear the risks associated with plastic surgery. Dentox is a program that teaches doctors and estheticians the ins and outs of Botox injections. 

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