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Kristin Chenoweth: “At 25, I wish I had known everything I know now about Botox”

Kristin Chenoweth no longer suffers from the same amount of anxiety and worry since she found a solution for her migraines (particularly, Botox every 12 weeks).

Kristin Chenoweth no longer suffers from the same amount of anxiety and worry since she found a solution for her migraines (particularly, Botox every 12 weeks).

Talking to Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress and respected figure in the world of musical theater, Kristin Chenoweth, is like having a conversation with a close friend who also happens to be incredibly talented. She is interested in discussing the current status of Sandoval and Rachel’s relationship, her preferred skincare products, and the topic of Botox.

Indeed, she has expressed a fondness for the use of Botox. It is worth noting that she has formed a partnership with the brand to discuss how it has contributed to her management of chronic migraines. After experiencing challenging symptoms that significantly impacted her daily life in her 20s and 30s, she made the decision to pursue regular treatments aimed at preventing migraine attacks. Kristin Chenoweth reveals, “I had initially considered the possibility of retiring due to the overwhelming nature of the spotlight and the constant presence of flashing lights and paparazzi. These factors were significantly impacting my well-being.”

Chenoweth experienced her initial migraine episode during a performance with the Virginia Symphony at the age of 25. Chenoweth, like other famous women who suffer from migraines, says she has always tried to stay positive: “People like us who excel in our respective fields have often been instructed, whether rightly or wrongly, to persevere and move forward. Illness, injury, and trauma are just a few examples of the wide range of health problems that people can face. It is not always possible to do this, unfortunately.” Now that she has discovered an effective treatment for her migraines (specifically, Botox every 12 weeks), she no longer experiences the same level of anxiety and worry.

She is also aware of other factors that may contribute to her migraines, such as her menstrual cycle, weather conditions, dietary choices, air travel, and stress. Chenoweth expresses her appreciation for the valuable insights on self-care that she is gaining from the younger generation. She says, “I have made the decision to eliminate alcohol from my lifestyle, adopt a low-sodium diet, and prioritize hydration by consuming ample amounts of water with electrolytes. This approach has proven beneficial for my singing, as it helps soothe my throat. I’m currently working on improving my sleep quality, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to achieve the desired results yet. She mentions that she sometimes finds it challenging to quiet her mind. Meditation has played a significant role in my life over the past year. I was someone who consistently persevered. I continue to engage in various activities, but I also prioritize setting aside time for meditation.”

Currently, she is involved in a variety of exciting projects that are keeping her schedule quite full. These include her participation in the third season of Apple TV’s Schmigadoon!, her upcoming concert tour, her work on an album, and her preparations for the highly anticipated Broadway musical, Queen of Versailles, which draws inspiration from the 2012 documentary centered around socialite Jacqueline Siegel. I have the privilege of being one of the producers, which adds to the excitement of being part of a show where I am included in important decision-making processes.

Ariana Grande, who will play Glinda in the Wicked movie adaption, has been receiving advice and encouragement from Chenoweth, who previously played the character.

Ariana Grande, who will play Glinda in the Wicked movie adaption, has been receiving advice and encouragement from Chenoweth, who previously played the character.

Although Chenoweth has not explicitly confirmed or denied her involvement in the upcoming Wicked movie adaptation, she has been providing guidance and support to Ariana Grande as she prepares to take on the role of Glinda, which Chenoweth previously portrayed. “I have had the pleasure of knowing Ari since she was 10 years old, so it feels incredibly meaningful for both of us to be experiencing this moment together.” 

Additionally, she and her fiancé, Josh Bryant, are currently engaged in the exciting task of organizing their upcoming wedding. Regarding how she is adjusting her beauty routine in preparation, Chenoweth expresses a preference for a minimalist approach whenever feasible, particularly prior to significant occasions. She states, “I make an effort to give my face some rest. When I have some free time, I prefer to go without wearing makeup. According to her, using chapstick and an eyelash curler can be quite beneficial.”

Similar to many others, she has developed a recent interest in the realm of clean beauty. She clarifies, “I personally don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, but I have recently become more conscious about the ingredients used in my beauty products. Currently, I have been exploring a new vegan brand, and I must say, their moisturizer has caught my attention. I have noticed some skin changes from my childhood sun exposure, and it seems to be quite noticeable.”

Chenoweth’s fiance, Josh, often tells her that laughing is good for her appearance because it makes her look more vibrant and youthful. She suggests, “In my opinion, focusing on the basics can be quite effective: ensuring adequate sleep, staying hydrated, finding joy in laughter, and using a quality moisturizer to complete your routine.”

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