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Love Island’s Jess self-injected Botox to avoid TV wrinkles

Jess Harding, star of the reality show Love Island, injected herself with Botox before moving into the villa so that she would look flawless on camera.

Jess runs her own cosmetic surgery clinic in West London, where she offers fat-melting treatments and Brazilian buttock lifts among other procedures.

Jess runs her own cosmetic surgery clinic in West London, where she offers fat-melting treatments and Brazilian buttock lifts among other procedures.

The 22-year-old beautician, who began regularly injecting herself with Botox and fillers at the age of 18, is an experienced user. She also has her own cosmetic surgery practice in West London, where she provides services like fat-melting treatments and Brazilian buttock lifts.

Her fellow beauticians frequently perform each other’s jabs as a form of mutual aid. But before Love Island, Jess did things on her own.

Jess admitted that she had performed her own Botox treatment recently because there was no one else available. She claimed it was a horrible experience but one she was forced to endure because she simply cannot appear on television with wrinkles.

Jess has been having cosmetic procedures done on a regular basis, but she claims they are nothing major. “I have a tiny bit of Botox and filler,” she admitted.

“I just got it because it is pretty simple to just say, ‘Go on then,’ when it is your job,” she said. Many of the professionals in this field collaborate with one another. So many of my friends who are medical professionals have said, “Honey, can you just put it in my face? Although it seems insignificant to us, other people are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on it. “I am easily swayed, but I have a real fear of needles, despite the fact that my job requires me to use them.” 

While Jess may be self-conscious about her aging skin, she loves to show off her “boobs and a bum” in bikinis and hopes that other women will do the same. “I love my body and am comfortable in it. I’m not a slim size 6,” Jess remarked.

Jess bragged that she thinks women with curvy bodies look great.

Jess bragged that she thinks women with curves look great.

I can proudly proclaim, “I have got boobs and a bum. I am a curvy gal. It would be great to send the message to the world that curvy bodies are beautiful.” 

After making her tweaks, Jess was no longer anxious about applying makeup inside the villa. She said, “I have no problem waking up next to a man without putting on any makeup. I never wear makeup, not even to work; as long as my eyelashes are in place and my eyebrows are shaped, I am good to go.”

Jess’s goals after leaving Love Island go beyond finding a boyfriend; she also wants to pursue business opportunities. She said with a grin, “It would be great if my company could grow and open additional clinics. I only have one, so it’d be good to spread them across the nation, which is my target.”

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