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How To Market Your Botox Services Intelligently And Creatively

botox marketingIf you’ve taken our Botox training course, you already know about many ways to market your Botox training services and make yourself appealing to new clients. But we’re always discovering new ways to promote Botox services that we think are worth mentioning.

An article we found online recently pointed out a real estate agent in Southern California who raffled off hundreds of dollars in Botox services as a way to attract potential homebuyers to an open house event. Since the realtor was in the business of dealing with million-dollar Beverly Hills homes, she quite rightly thought that the kind of clients she wanted to attract would be interested in such a raffle.

And some smart Botox provider got a lot of publicity and perhaps a new client out of the deal too.

Marketing is always a game of trial and error, and this was a smart new marketing move for the clinic as well as for the real estate agent. In today’s world, creativity is the smartest way to get noticed.

Perhaps you could find a real estate agent or other professional who would gladly promote your business while promoting his. Could, say, a $200 Botox certificate from your clinic or practice generate a new client for you while helping another professional attract the right prospects.

Or you could offer group specials for wedding parties. Maybe you could post a monthly deal on your website or offer a newspaper buy-one-get-one treatment special. Your options are endless, and maybe your creativity is too.

Face it: Botox treatments are the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the world — and still growing. As the population continues to age, there will be more and more people who want to look better. And you can help if you can reach them.

Why not come up with 10 creative marketing ideas and give them all a try to see what sticks? Then try and try again.

Of course, if you haven’t had Botox training from Dentox yet, now’s an excellent time to sign up.

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