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Medical conditions Botox may end up treating

Botox. It is a cosmetic procedure that many people, men and women, choose to have in order to smooth out some lines, make some wrinkles disappear, and give them that youthful appearance that they love so much – and miss from thirty or forty years ago. And that used to be all that Botox was, but that has completely changed in the last ten years. Research groups from all over the world have started to look into whether or not Botox could actually be the missing ingredient to a whole load of different treatment options, and there are several that are currently going through clinic trials at the moment, with the hope that soon they will be a standard treatment option for anyone to accept in order to get help.

The trouble is, there are concerns in many areas that giving FDA approval to what is essentially a poison could end up proving problematic in the long term. We have no idea what long term effects a body will undergo if you continue to put tiny amounts of poison in it, and this is something that is very likely for anyone with a chronic condition that could be treated with Botox. But on the other hand, there is no other way to discover exactly what could happen with trying, and many scientists argue that we will all be convinced by the evidence before long. So exactly what kind of medical conditions could be treated with Botox as standard in the coming decades?


depressed patientA recent trial discovered that when one group with depression was given Botox in their faces and one group with depression was given a placebo injection, there was a drop in depressive symptoms for 15% of the group that received the placebo . . . and 52% of the group that actually received the Botox injection. These are big numbers, and if they can be replicated in other studies, may provide a treatment option for those with depression that is not dependent on pill usage, something that many would prefer.

Premature ejaculation

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, one company called Allergan are testing this by injecting Botox directly into the patient’s penis, and seeing whether it relaxes it so that delays ejaculation significantly enough to be causal. Results are still being waiting for, but if it does provide a solution there is already much discussion on exactly how a patient would be able to self-administer this – or if they could.

Abnormal heartbeat

Botox has been used within heart operations since its very beginning; in fact, that was the first use of Botox within the medical field all those years ago. Now it is being further developed to see whether or not it could treat an abnormal heartbeat that develops during open heart surgery, something that is hard to focus on usually when you are in the middle of a rather serious operation. It will become known, if passed, as post-operative atrial fibrillation, and could end up saving many lives.

Hundreds of thousands of people’s lives could be changed by having Botox injections, and changed for the better; with less pain, less discomfort, and more able to go back to how their lives used to be. If you want to support people in their journey to recovery through Botox injections, then why not train as a Botox administrator? Our specialized Botox administration course enables anyone with a medical background to gain the skills they need quickly, so you can be practicing and helping your patients before you know it.


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