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Is Your Medical Study Group Interested In Offering Botox Training?

Medical Association Botox Training

Why not offer the best available Botox training course to your medical study group? When you select Botox and dermal filler training from Dr. Howard Katz, you’re choosing to be trained by one of the inventors of cosmetic and therapeutic Botox — and it really makes good sense to get your training from the source rather than from a johnny-come-lately with inferior skills and a reputation that does him no credit.

Selecting Dr. Katz as your Botox trainer means that your medical study group can have the world’s leading expert on Botox come to you with comprehensive training that you’ll find fun, easy to following and complete in every way. It may even be possible for you to practice the skills you’re learning on real people, depending on your state’s regulations and the status of your license.

Hundreds have already been trained by Dr. Katz, and these people have gone on to become experts in their own right thanks to the high-quality education he has provided them. They use Botox for medical and cosmetic purposes as a regular part of their medical and dental practices and routinely satisfy patients while enhancing the bottom lines of their practices. Wouldn’t that be great for you and your medical study group too?

One you’ve been through the course, you’ll understand the following with complete confidence:

  • how to evaluate a patient to see if he or she is an acceptable candidate for treatment with Botox
  • how to explain to patients the benefits of Botox and dermal fillers for their overall wellbeing how to recognize and understand contraindications and side effects of Botox
  • how the anatomy of the face and neck are involved in choosing the right injection sites, depth of needle insertion and insertion angle for the very best results
  • and much more.

You’ll also be able to speak with confidence about how injectable products like Botox and dermal fillers work for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes and how dermal fillers work to enhance the benefits your patients get from Botox.

But the learning process doesn’t stop there. Your medical study group will also learn about:

  • how Botox can be used for migraines, habitual muscle clenching, face pain, TMD and more
  • how lifting the corners of the mouth can provide aesthetic benefits and prevent inflammation as well
  • how dermal fillers can work with or instead of Botox to treat smoker’s lines
  • how undesirable outcomes from Botox can be prevented and avoided.

In addition, you’ll learn practical matters about adding Botox to an established practice, like how to sell and get paid for services, how to complete documentation properly and how to choose the right malpractice insurance coverage.

Dr. Katz is known today as the founder of Dentox, a company that teaches Botox training to doctors and others around the world. As one of the most sought after Botox training course providers, he offers a level of training that will help set you and those in your medical study group apart from others.

When you work with Dr. Katz, you can be sure you’re working with a respected name whose presence in your career will add to the respect and attention you get.

Because he’s a busy man, it makes sense not to delay in engaging Dr. Katz to bring his Botox training course to your medical study group. His schedule fills quickly, and missing the opportunity to be trained by the best means missing your opportunity to get the highest quality Botox training possible. And you don’t want that to happen.

To invite Dr. Katz to teach Botox injection to your medical study group, call (858) 550-9533

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