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Men in South Africa wait in line to get Botox and fillers

South African males are increasingly using Botox and fillers to fight aging and improve their appearance.

South African males are increasingly using Botox and fillers to fight aging and improve their appearance.

Increasing numbers of men in South Africa are turning to injectables like Botox and fillers to combat the visible signs of aging and enhance their appearance. This trend mirrors a global trend as more and more individuals seek out both temporary and permanent solutions in their pursuit of beauty.

Cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments increased by 29% between 2000 and 2018, while botulinum toxin injections for men increased by a staggering 182% during the same time period.

According to News24, an expert in aesthetic medicine in the Western Cape said he wasn’t surprised by the growing trend among young guys.

Because of social media, virtual meetings, and the media’s emphasis on outward appearances, “Gen Z and millennials seem to be more likely to put an emphasis on self-care and self-improvement than prior generations,” he remarked.

He noted that crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles are two of the most frequently addressed cosmetic concerns among males, with the latter typically growing earlier and deeper in men due to behavioral and hereditary causes.

Botox is just one of many medicines and procedures used to target the underlying muscles responsible for wrinkle formation and relax them. Twenty years after receiving FDA approval in the United States, Botox cosmetic treatments are still commonplace.

The use of lip filler by males seeking a more youthful appearance has also increased, and a properly performed liquid rhinoplasty may produce success comparable to that of surgical rhinoplasty.

Those seeking a temporary change or correction who are unwilling to undergo plastic surgery frequently opt for this method.

He continued by saying that dermal fillers can temporarily alter the appearance of a person’s nose, but that subsequent treatments will be needed every 18 months or so.

He also added that while soft tissue fillers can’t change the overall size of the nose or fix a deviated septum, they help smooth out bumps, indentations, asymmetry, and even elevate the tip of the nose.

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