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Nurses Associations: Offer Your Members A Botox Training Course

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Membership is about advantages, privileges and opportunities, and there’s no greater opportunity or privilege than to offer your nurses association members the advantage of Botox training from one of the inventors of Botox for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Offer a Botox training course from Dr. Howard Katz, and rest assured that you’re offering the very best.

Choosing to offer Botox and dermal filler training from Dr. Katz is choosing training from one of the people whose name is actually on the Botox patent — and why wouldn’t you get your training from a first-source resource rather than someone who came on the scene later?

When your nurses association selects Dr. Katz to be your Botox trainer, you’re having a leading world expert come to you to share his expertise through fun, easy-to-understand and informative training that your members will benefit from and enjoy. Depending on the situation and the location of your training program, it may even be possible to practice what you’re learning on live people.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have been trained by Dr. Katz in the past at his location, at their location, privately, in groups and via the Internet. Many of these trainees have gone on to become respected experts and even trainers themselves. They benefit financially from their Botox skills every day.

Imagine how the members of your nurses association could benefit from a Botox training course.

Those who successfully complete the seminar will have a strong understanding of many concepts related to administering Botox injections including:
– making sure a patient is a good candidate for Botox
– making patients understand the benefits of Botox as well as related dermal fillers
– the contraindications and potential side effects from Botox
– how facial and neck anatomy help determine how injections should be done
– and so much more.

Course attendees will also be able to talk with confidence about how dermal fillers, Botox and similar injectables for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes help patients who choose to have them.

But that’s not all they learn. Your nurses association members also learn about:
– using Botox to treat things like TMD, migraines, muscle clenching and other kinds of facial pain and problems
– how raising the corners of a patient’s mouth can help prevent inflammation as well as provide cosmetic benefits
– how lines around the mouth from smoking can be treated with dermal fillers as well as Botox for the best possible results.

Practical administrative tasks are covered in the course as well, including how to market services to make the most money, how to fill out documentation correctly and how to select malpractice insurance that makes sense for you and your practice.

As the founder of Dentox, a company that trains doctors, nurses, dentists and others to perform Botox and related dermal filler procedures, Dr. Katz is able to rely on vast resources to help him train all his students. More than just a one man show, every presentation by Dr. Katz is supported by the entire Dentox team.

Working with a respected name like Dr. Katz adds prestige to any medical professional’s resume, and those who train with him become instantly in demand because of their association with his respected name. But not every organization that contacts him will be able to find a date that works, so contact him right away to plan your Botox training course.

Your members will thank you again and again for your prompt action that allows them to benefit in ways they haven’t yet imagined. And your organization will benefit my being the force that brings your members together with this powerful trainer.

To invite Dr. Katz to lecture at your Nurses Association, call (858) 550-9533

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