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Online Botox Training is More Convenient Than In-person Training

New York is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you have ever wanted. Did you know that you can even get online Botox training that you can do at home and avoid the crowded trips to a physical office? You’ll also be learning from one of the most respected educators in the world, Dr. Howard Katz.

Dr. Katz holds the patent application for Botox and similar dermal fillers. He is a world-renowned teacher and educator and teaches this online training course to students in New York and other cities around the world. There is no one who is better qualified than Dr. Katz.

New York offers a lot of training programs for various subjects, but you won’t find training like this.

Online Training Is Better Than Learning in a Physical Classroom

Did you know that most of the best and most respected educational institutions offer some form of online training? Many colleges and universities realize the value online courses bring to students and the convenience it offers for those unable to attend formal training classes.

Why Is That?

Most training courses taught online can be done at the convenience of the student and around their busy schedule. You have the same connection with the instructor and can ask questions to clarify information before proceeding. Distance is no barrier to learning and when you see and hear the instructor online it is just like sitting in the front row of any classroom. If you have a question during class you just type it in real-time and Dr. Katz will address it for the benefit of all the students.

Another major benefit is that if you need to, you can watch recordings of the lessons over and over until the material is crystal clear. These recordings stay online long after your course has completed but you can still access them for a refresher. Your investment in this program will serve you for years and years to come.

Since the training is done online, there is no fear of embarrassment of speaking in class. You ask questions privately, your practices are done privately, and your skill testing is done privately with photo evidence to prove your mastering of the skill. You never have to stand up in class or raise your hand to speak. The only one who will see your skill testing is Dr. Katz and his teaching assistants.

Another benefit is that you can get advice from Dr. Katz long after you have graduated from the training course. The doctor is available to answer questions you may have about a certain procedure or patient circumstance. You can email him and he answers within 24 hours, depending on his schedule. He makes it a practice to stay in touch with students. What other instructors do that?

Dentox is the Quality Leader in Online Botox Training

Even with all the resources available in New York, there is no better way to receive the best Botox training than through Dentox and Dr. Katz. When you choose Dentox, you are choosing the highest-quality training, resource materials, and skills training available and taught by a world-renowned educator who is an expert in Botox. You will find this training to be a valuable addition to your practice.

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