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Sexual therapy and Botox

sexual healthFor many people, the absolute last thing that they would want anywhere near them would be a needle. It can be difficult when you need to have blood tests, and it means that donating blood is completely out of the question – but for some people, a needle may just be the answer that they are looking for. Developing research into sexual therapy has discovered that both men and women who have particular sexual difficulties could actually benefit dramatically from Botox injections. This may feel against all instincts, especially if you know that Botox is actually one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world, but that cannot change the fact that there are two areas, one masculine and one feminine, that could be greatly changed by a few Botox injections. Many people who struggle with these difficulties are often at their wit’s ends, and willing to try anything. So how can Botox aid with sexual therapy?

Firstly, you need to understand exactly what it is that Botox does. When found naturally, it is one of the strongest and most dangerous poisons that we have ever come across, and so naturally when it was first suggested that Botox could be used within the medical field, there was understandably some concerns. However, Botox usage has progressed from open heart surgery to cosmetic surgery to migraine control, and there are still many other ways that scientists and doctors believe that it can help. Just because something appears to be poisonous, that does not mean that we cannot learn to use it for our own ends in order to help our patients.

So what sexual difficulties can Botox help to treat? Well, for men Botox is currently being tested as a potential treatment for premature ejaculation. This is a condition which affects almost all men at one point or another in their lives, but though for some it is just a one off experience, for others it can become standard for all of their sexual encounters. The treatment that is being researched at the moment will involve having a Botox injection directly into the penis. This is certainly not a treatment option for the faint hearted, and there are concerns over how often and how regularly this would need to be carried out on the patient in order for this treatment to be effective – however, it is showing promising signs in trials, and only time will tell whether or not this becomes an FDA approved method of treatment.

Another aspect of Botox that is still going through FDA approval is treatment for painful sex for women, also known as vaginismus. This is a condition that we really do not understand completely; in some cases we do not even know what causes it. What happens is that the vagina and/or pelvic floor of the patient contracts uncontrollably, causing huge amounts of pain for her and making it impossible to experience normal vaginal intercourse. By administering Botox injections in the pelvic floor, it is possible to reduce and even stop completely these contractions, so that the patient can be relaxed and comfortable at all times, enjoying a normal sexual experience without any pain. Although this treatment idea is still going through the FDA’s approval process, many women have reported positive effects of the injections, and it is believed that treatment may only need to take place every few years in order to be effective.

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