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The advertising of Botox by a car dealer has been banned by watchdog

Instagram barred a former reality TV contestant from advertising Botox treatments, which require a doctor's prescription.

Instagram barred a former reality TV contestant from advertising Botox treatments, which require a doctor’s prescription.

A former reality TV contestant was banned from posting advertisements for Botox treatments on Instagram because the posts promoted a medicine that could only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription, used so-called “celebrity” endorsements, and did not make it clear that the posts were paid advertisements.

In the month of June, a car dealer who had previously been engaged to former glamour model Katie Price posted six Instagram stories advertising a facial aesthetic clinic.

They showed a car dealer reclining on a treatment chair in a salon while he was being injected with a syringe, and he said something to the effect of, “You’re going to make me look brand new, yeah?” Some showed him getting an injection in the middle of his forehead with a syringe.

In the sixth story, he said that the anti-wrinkle injection with her was yesterday, and the best part is that it didn’t even hurt. He can’t wait to see the results in two weeks; he’ll look brand new.

Here is a statement from the Advertising Standards Authority:

“While we appreciated that the ads provided useful information, we felt that they also served to promote Botox by making the product seem more appealing to consumers.”

A clinic has verified that he was not required to pay for the Botox treatment that was featured in the advertisements; however, they have stated that they did require him to post about it.

They also told the ASA that they knew it was against the rules to advertise Botox because it was a prescription-only medicine, but that they didn’t know it was also against the rules to make references to anti-wrinkle injections.

He told the ASA that he was just sharing his own experience online and was in no way endorsing any sort of cosmetic procedure.

He verified that the posts had been taken down since their initial publication.

The ASA stated that he had implicitly agreed to republish content and that a clinic had editorial control over the language he used.

According to the ASA, “We considered that the advertisements promoted Botox, making it seem more alluring to consumers, rather than simply providing factual information.”

Further, it was revealed that he had about 230,000 Instagram followers and fancied himself a reality TV star.

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