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The boss of a Botox clinic in Northern Ireland has been accused of breaking the law

The owner of a clinic that offers anti-aging and weight-loss services is expected to appear in court on various accusations.

The owner of a clinic that offers anti-aging and weight-loss services is expected to appear in court on various accusations.

The owner of a clinic that provides anti-wrinkle and weight-loss treatments is facing multiple charges and is scheduled to appear in court. Nick Watkins, a 51-year-old resident of Forthaven in Ballyclare, is facing charges of violating human medicine regulations.

He is a practitioner who focuses on many different kinds of aesthetic enhancements, including buttlifts, liquid facelifts, non-invasive rhinoplasty, vampire facials, calf-slimming treatments, and more.

The clinic’s website states that every procedure is carried out in a location that has received council approval. The business follows all applicable health and safety laws and industry standards for environmental hygiene.

Watkins is scheduled to appear at Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday. He is being investigated for allegedly advertising medications that can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription and possessing medicinal products with the intent to supply them.

In addition, he is expected to be charged with three counts of possessing unauthorized medicinal products.

Watkins allegedly engaged in the promotion of Botox in December of the previous year in a manner that potentially encouraged the use of a medication that requires a prescription.

There are allegations that he promoted Ozempic in a similar manner during that period.

The individual in question stands accused of possessing a diverse array of substances, namely lidocaine, Saxenda, Kenalog, hyaluronidase, adrenaline, B12, and sodium chloride, with the purported intent of distributing said substances in the absence of a valid prescription. The purported activities occurred within the temporal confines of July and December of the preceding calendar year.

On the indictment, it is stated that he was in possession of liraglutide (Victoza), Botulax 200, and lidocaine (J-Caine Cream), all of which are drugs that are illegal to possess with the intent to sell.

The web page of the business provides information about the various IV treatments available, one of which is the ‘Hangover IV Drip, priced at £100. Both the “Snow White IV Drip” and the “Rapunzel IV Drip” are reasonably priced at £95 and £89, respectively. There is currently a promotion for a bumlift priced at £299. Additionally, intramuscular injections are available at varying prices, ranging from £25 to £200. Non-surgical facelifts are also being offered for £599.

The website boasts that the company was named the runner-up in the category of “Highly Recommended Cosmetic Clinic of the Year” at the Northern Ireland Hair and Beauty Awards.

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