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The Dental Clinic of the Health Department of Monongalia County Offers Botox Injections and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Botox Injections are among the dental services offered by the Monongalia County Health Department Dentistry.

Botox Injections are among the dental services offered by the Monongalia County Health Department Dentistry.

The dental services provided by the Monongalia County Health Department Dentistry include Botox injections, which have many more applications in the realm of cosmetics.

One of the organization’s goals is to create a healthy community by defending and promoting public health through education, advocacy, and the delivery of medical services.

The dentistry department’s contributions to this goal include raising awareness of the significance of good oral health.

In addition to the standard fare of general practice, the staff strives to be innovative by offering services like same-day crowns and digital dentistry, and they have recently added Botox and filler services for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

The main dental function is to aid patients who grind their teeth, which causes significant wear and tear on the teeth.

It’s not uncommon for people with grinding issues to experience damage to more than just their teeth. The forces exerted when clenching teeth are so great that they are compared to the body’s strongest part. However, any remedial work carried out there is essentially useless because the forces of abrasion will destroy it in five to six years.

But Botox can relax the tense muscle that’s at the root of the problem. One of the main muscles used to bite and chew, the masseter, receives an injection of this to relax it by binding to the muscle and preventing it from constantly firing. 

Amazingly positive outcomes and a wealth of research back up Botox’s effectiveness. Depending on how quickly it is metabolized by the patient’s body, the treatment course typically lasts between five and seven months.

Many patients visit dentists every week with cracked teeth, proving that tooth grinding is a widespread problem. In the event that it is not cracked all the way through to the root, a crown may be placed; otherwise, extraction will be necessary.

Botox is administered to prevent the condition from deteriorating to that point.

Since the mouth is the body’s first point of contact, the dental clinic wants to assist its clients in achieving the best oral health possible.

The clinic offers a wide range of services, including numerous annual community outreach events and free dental care for children, veterans, and adults. Every month, a clinic is held at a nursing home, and the Smile Express bus visits six counties to offer free care to children at schools.

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