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The Unsettling Beauty Trend to Steer Clear of This Year

The Unsettling Beauty Trend to Steer Clear of This Year

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on virtually every sector of the economy, from tourism to retail. Haircutting parlors and cosmetic surgery clinics closed their doors along with the rest of the economy, but the beauty industry has continued to thrive. Since many of us had to deal with acne brought on by face masks and other skin gripes brought on by the pandemic, skincare was the strongest category, especially during the first lockdown. Following the lead of skincare, the demand for cosmetic treatments skyrocketed as the world once again became more accessible.

More than a quarter of British women, and 44% of those between the ages of 25 and 34, believe that the lockdown has made them look older. Because of this mindset, demand has increased for cosmetic procedures like Botox and others. Perhaps the so-called “Zoom boom” also contributed to the growth. Many of us have spent considerable time gazing intently at our own faces during video calls, which has likely increased our self-awareness and, in turn, our insecurities about our looks. Although anti-wrinkle injections still enjoy widespread popularity, dermal filler (with lips arguably the most commonly treated area) and chemical face peels with strong exfoliating acids are experiencing explosive growth in the United Kingdom.

More people are learning how to become injectors as a direct result of the epidemic

Even though aesthetic treatments can be helpful, the fact that they are becoming more popular after the pandemic is a cause for concern. Many people have been motivated to reevaluate their professional goals as a result of layoffs, pay cuts, and furloughs; the “lipstick effect” demonstrates that some people have found success in the aesthetics industry. You may have seen advertisements for quick and inexpensive beauty crash courses on social media, promising to teach you how to inject filler and perform other beauty procedures with ease. The popularity of these short-term courses—some as brief as a day—is evident from a quick perusal of Twitter and TikTok.

Over the past five years, but especially since the pandemic, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of people enrolling in weekend workshops on injectable fillers and Botox. The widespread acceptance can be attributed to the absence of rules and restrictions. At the present time, the filler can be administered by anybody, whether or not they have a medical background. Given that learning how to use injectables is a medical specialty, public safety should come first. Using injectables like filler improperly carries a plethora of risks.

In the absence of oversight, unpleasant outcomes are possible. The best-case scenario is that nothing happens, or the cosmetic results are poor. However, there are a number of technical complications that could arise, including an infection that could spread rapidly. As with any medical procedure, the inexperienced use of filler carries the risk of necrosis (the death of skin tissue) due to the clotting of the blood.

Scarring and product migration from incorrect placement are additional risks associated with injectables such as filler if they are not administered properly. The risk of permanent blindness from filler increases in different areas of the face, making careful application essential. It’s risky to assume you’ll never be a victim and to put your trust in strangers, especially injectors who only conduct business online through platforms like Instagram.

The number of people from all walks of life who are trained to give injections has recently increased dramatically. After receiving anti-wrinkle injections, one woman noticed that her eyebrows were arched. Something like this is possible, but it can be fixed by a doctor who is familiar with facial anatomy, physiology, and the mechanisms by which facial muscles react. Unfortunately, her doctor became flustered and stopped responding to her requests for help. This led to embarrassment and disillusionment for the patient.

Methods for Locating a Trustworthy Injector

These dangers exist (and can occur even in the hands of experienced practitioners), and only a competent clinician, working in a clean, well-equipped environment, will be able to minimize them and treat them effectively if they occur. While selecting an injector, there are a few warning signs to keep in mind. To begin, you should be wary if your injector is training in an unofficial setting, such as their home or a mobile (pop-up) station, where they may lack the equipment they’ll need to treat you properly in an unexpected situation. Second, your injector is unable to produce a valid medical license, and third, the cost of the cosmetic procedure is significantly less than at any other reputable aesthetic clinic. Following the procedure, your injector must also give you their contact information. You should also be alert for any indication that you are being pressured into receiving treatment, which is a clear sign that something is wrong. Before undergoing any sort of cosmetic procedure, you should inquire as to whether or not your practitioner is covered by insurance.

It’s not easy to schedule an appointment for injectable medications. Consult with your injector before going through with a procedure and make sure you’re happy with their work by asking to see before and after pictures. If you have any concerns, don’t be shy about inquiring about emergency medications like an EpiPen (for anaphylaxis) or Hyalase (to dissolve filler if something goes wrong). Simply leave the clinic if your injector becomes hostile or impatient with your numerous inquiries.

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