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There is not the slightest truth to George Santos’s criticism of Colombian Botox

The right doctors, clinics, and hospitals won't give you fake Botox.

The right doctors, clinics, and hospitals won’t give you fake Botox.

George Santos was caught on tape calling Botox treatments in Colombia “diluted” when the tape was released.

This assumption is “entirely untrue.”

Medical care in Colombia is of an exceptionally high standard.

Rep. George Santos’s views on where to obtain Botox, as heard on a leaked audio clip, are said to be extremely upsetting to the medical tourism business.

A recording of the New York Republican telling his former office volunteer, Derek Myers, to “stop going to Colombia for your diluted Botox,” has been discovered.

The comment that caused such outrage was another “absurd” outburst by the troubled Santos.

That remark is wholly false. Colombia offers some incredible, top-notch medical facilities. You won’t receive diluted Botox if you visit the correct doctors, clinics, or hospitals.

Myers agreed in a statement.

Myers described the Colombian Botox he received as “not diluted” and said that the facility he visits was well-known internationally. “They actually walk you through the entire process, including labeling and opening the bottle. The best care I’ve ever received in a hospital setting, it is even more outstanding. A tremendous deal is made of medical tourism.”

Myers was forced to leave Santos’ Capitol Hill office after recording him there in the midst of a scandal involving false information on his resume and inquiries into his finances. Botox was discussed since Myers said he was able to get it done for less money in Colombia.

When asked how much he spent on Botox, Santos said, “A lot more, but I trust the people.”

In response to inquiries, Santos’s team remained silent.

Colombia’s medical tourism project was launched a decade ago with the support of several industry experts; the country is known for its “excellent” medical staff and facilities.

It’s disturbing and disheartening to watch someone undermine a country’s universal healthcare system only to divert attention from other problems.

Unfortunately, unqualified medical professionals and legal counsel can be found in any country. You may recall hearing about a Florida clinic selling fake Botox.

Botox in the United States may not be what it seems; some practitioners may not even be medical professionals, and you may end up with diluted or fake Botox.

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