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“To be young again?” It’s not something Victoria Beckham is interested in

If Victoria Beckham is convinced that the doctors giving Botox can give her a natural look, she may reconsider receiving it.

If Victoria Beckham is convinced that the medical professionals giving Botox can give her a natural look, she may reconsider receiving it.

Victoria Beckham, who is soon to turn 50, recently spoke candidly about aging and time passing in an interview. Posh Spice has spilled the beans.

She is of the opinion that she would be better off without Botox.

The fashion designer, who is 49 years old, claimed that she doesn’t like the way wrinkle injections make her face look and that she’s fine with aging, so she’d rather look “rested and fresh” than undergo “scary” procedures to make herself look younger.

She said: “You frequently develop a quite shiny forehead, plus your eyebrows arch excessively. I have zero plans to reverse time. I’m 49 years old and completely fine with it.”

“I want to present a well-rested and revitalized version of myself. I think it boils down to the tiniest of details. The same goes for makeup; it’s important to avoid going overboard with it because doing so can hasten the aging process.”

“Recently, I attended a gathering where everyone’s faces appeared to be extremely ‘big’ [overfilled]. Some of the available choices are downright terrifying.”

Victoria admitted that, while she enjoys laser treatments and skin tightening, Botox isn’t for her. She emphasizes moderation in all aspects of her life. 

When asked what one thing she wouldn’t do again, Victoria responded that she wouldn’t ruin her eyebrows by plucking them too much, as she did in the 2000s when it was fashionable to do so.

“My eyebrows have been plucked to the point where you would be appalled if you saw me barefaced. My eyebrows have always been here, so David has never seen me without them. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I start working on them.”

It goes without saying that David refers to her husband, David Beckham, to whom she has been married for the past 24 years. 

When asked if she wanted to be 25 again, Victoria replied that she “wouldn’t want to be” because her self-esteem has only grown stronger with time.

She declared, “I am content with myself; I accept my appearance; and I do the best I can with the resources at my disposal. At 49, I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel incredibly fulfilled both personally and professionally.”

“I give careful consideration to my daily makeup routine. Yet I enjoy how it feels to be older.”

“I wouldn’t want to revert to being 25. As a young woman, I was the type to look at myself in the mirror and focus on the things that were wrong with me rather than the things that made me look good.”

“I’ve always been very critical of myself; however, that criticism has driven me to constantly improve. It’s not about being someone different; rather, it’s about admiring your finest qualities.”

“And at 49, I have better muscle tone than I did at 25.”

“Although I don’t make a point of it, I don’t believe that getting older is an excuse for not pursuing your dreams. You can still look absolutely stunning. You are now more in tune with your body and its needs. What I need to do in the gym, what I need to eat, and what works on my face are all things I now have a better understanding of. Information is power.”

It is possible that Victoria Beckham will change her mind about getting Botox if she is assured that the medical personnel performing the procedure are competent at administering Botox and will be able to give her a natural appearance rather than one that has been artificially enhanced.

Medical professionals with the appropriate training can assist people in feeling more self-assured about their appearance. Their training would give them the knowledge that would only benefit their patients.

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