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Archive for August, 2022

Botox For Cervical Dystonia: FDA Approved And Recommended As A First-Line Treatment

Clinical research has shown that botulinum toxins can help with cervical dystonia – involuntary movements of the neck. The evidence is solid enough that the American Academy of Neurology recommends Botox injections as a first-line treatment for this condition that often impacts musicians, golfers and others who perform repetitive motions. The condition is a type […]


Are Dental Hygienists Allowed To Do Botox?

Doctors aren’t the only ones who can administer Botox and similar botulinum toxin products. While rules vary from state to state, medical professionals including dentists, dental hygienists, nurses and others who have completed a Botox and dermal filler training course may be allowed to provide cosmetic injectable treatments. If you’re a dental hygienist, you’ll have […]


Understanding The Difference Between Botox, Fillers And More

Botox and dermal filler usage is spiking recently because so many of us have been looking at ourselves in our phones and computer monitors more often than ever, and we don’t like the aging image we see looking back. Patients are telling injectors that they’re continuing to use Zoom and other video conferencing software even […]


Botox For Palatal Myoclonus Or Tremor: Small Doses May Do The Trick

Palatal myoclonus is a rhythmic jerk of the soft palate that can cause an annoying clicking sound in the ears as the Eustachian tubes open and close. Now classified as a tremor rather than myoclonus because of its electrophysiology, this condition is most commonly caused by nerve damage that results from stroke, multiple sclerosis or […]


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