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Botox For Palatal Myoclonus Or Tremor: Small Doses May Do The Trick

Botox For Palatal Myoclonus Or Tremor: Small Doses May Do The Trick

Palatal myoclonus is a rhythmic jerk of the soft palate that can cause an annoying clicking sound in the ears as the Eustachian tubes open and close. Now classified as a tremor rather than myoclonus because of its electrophysiology, this condition is most commonly caused by nerve damage that results from stroke, multiple sclerosis or even a tumor. It can develop a year or more after a stroke.

Research has found that this is among the involuntary movement types that can be successfully treated with Onabot-A, usually called by the brand name Botox. In the case of Botox for palatal myoclonus, very small doses may be all that are necessary to control symptoms for months.

More About Botox for Palatal Myoclonus

Treating with Botox for palatal myoclonus usually requires EMG guidance. Injections are placed into the soft palate in small doses at specific locations. Injections placed in the tensor-veli-palatini muscle at about 2.5 U usually work for the clicking sound while a similar dosage on each side of the uvula into the levator-veli-palatini muscle can control the movement of the palate.

There is a low risk of swallowing problems following treatment with Botox for this condition, but the risk can be minimized by first injecting a low dosage and increasing it gradually if necessary in future visits. It is important to note that in some cases the injections won’t work at all, and this is often because the palatal myoclonus has a psychological origin and should be treated with psychotherapy.

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