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Understanding The Difference Between Botox, Fillers And More

Botox and dermal filler usage is spiking recently because so many of us have been looking at ourselves in our phones and computer monitors more often than ever, and we don’t like the aging image we see looking back. Patients are telling injectors that they’re continuing to use Zoom and other video conferencing software even as the pandemic eases, and they’re wanting to see a more youthful version of themselves on the screen.

Botox usage was already increasing dramatically, even for younger people. Between 2010 and 2018, usage rose 35 percent, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But not everyone should be administering the shots, and not every shot is the same. Patients need to select the right practitioner and make the right product decisions.

Relaxer or Filler? There Are Big Differences

Injectables come in two categories: neuromodulators like Botox and dermal fillers.

Neuromodulators or relaxers are often referenced by the most common brand name, Botox. These injections inhibit nerve communication, relaxing muscles to soften wrinkles and lines that are created from repeated muscle movements. Neuromodulator injections work great on brow lines from frowning and crow’s feet from smiling.

There are 3 primary neuromodulators on the market:

  • Botox is the original neuromodulator, has been approved by the FDA for over 20 years and is the only product approved for medical purposes like excess sweating and migraines.
  • Dysport is a similar botulinum toxin product, but research indicates that it may relax muscles quicker.
  • Xeomin is made without certain proteins that can cause an antibody reaction in some people with autoimmune disease. While the reaction probably doesn’t hurt anything, it can decrease the effectiveness of the neuromodulator if it happens.

Fillers are something completely different and do as the name says – they fill sunken or hollow spaces to add volume and make the patient’s skin look plumper and more youthful. Many contain hyaluronic acid, but there are other fillers as well. These products can be used for restoring fullness under the eyes, adding structure to cheekbones, filling crevices and deep lines near the mouth and more.

A special category of dermal fillers, biostimulatory fillers, work inside the body to create new collagen. Some injectors and patients prefer them to hyaluronic acid filler, especially at the temples or jawline.

Filler brands include Juvéderm Voluma, which is viscous and is good for creating a lifting effect as well as Volbella, which is more liquid and works better for small areas. There are a range of other choices too.

Who Can You Trust To Administer Botox And Fillers?

The most important factor for a patient seeking neuromodulator or filler injections is choosing the right injector. That could be a well-trained doctor, dentist, nurse practitioner or other medical professional.

The key is that the chosen injector be well-trained.

When an injector doesn’t have complete training, patients end up with bad results that may include bulging, facial paralysis, a frozen face or even blindness. Well-trained, experienced injectors know where to place injections and where to avoid, plus they’re trained in managing adverse effects that may happen. Beyond just doing the shots, they can respond to any undesired outcomes.

Dentox offers quick but thorough hands-on Botox and dermal filler training for medical and dental professionals. When patients choose a Dentox-certified injector, they know they’re getting someone who has demonstrated their skills to Dr. Howard Katz, America’s most experienced injectables instructor.

If you’re a medical or dental professional seeking injectables certification, reach out to Dentox now – or sign up for training. Programs are available online, on demand and in person around the nation. Every Dentox training program is efficient, designed to provide practical skills and backed by ongoing support from Dr. Katz.

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