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Art And Science Come Together With On-Demand Dermal Filler Course

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Great things can happen for you and your patients when art and science come together. The Dentox on-demand dermal filler course allows you to watch anytime for up to 60 days and master fillers under the guidance of America’s best injectables instructor. What more could you want? It’s good for you, good for your patients, could bring in extra money for your practice and doesn’t require attending an in-person event.

When you take into consideration both subjective and objective criteria as you plan your injections, your dermal filler injection technique will be the best in your area. Set the right expectations in the mind of your patient and then go for it. We teach you to be the best, just as our founder and trainer Dr. Howard Katz is the best at what he does.

Things We Teach In On-Demand Filler Training

We teach the same things in our on-demand filler training that we teach in our in-person and live online courses – but the schedule is yours to make. Do a little at a time or do most of it at once. Plus, you can show the videos to friends, family and colleagues if you like.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The right way to locally anesthetize a patient before treatment so you don’t cause tissue distortion or inflammation that complicates the process
  • How to visualize what your patient’s results will look like before you do any work
  • What will happen to each part of the face as you add fillers to it
  • The ways to make patients look natural, refreshed and youthful rather than treated, fake or puffy
  • Techniques for making lips look great so that they match the teeth and the rest of the face
  • How to avoid making mistakes that will cause undesirable results
  • What you can do if you need to correct a mistake made by you or a previous injector
  • Which product is right for each facial area and purpose
  • How you can make a patient’s skeletal profile look better with proper chin and cheek injections
  • Why you use dermal filler that contains lidocaine for the most desirable results and satisfaction
  • When combining Botox with fillers can offer the best results
  • The process for making a patient’s chin, lips and cheekbones look in proportion
  • And so much more.

Feel Confident From Day One

After you’ve viewed the videos, attended a question and answer session with Dr. Katz online and shown us a photo with your manikin model to prove your mastery, you’ll feel confident in your abilities. Dr. Katz is available to answer emailed case questions later if you have any concerns.

Once you’re done with the course, you’ll understand the protocols for each injection zone, understand the tips we offer for making sure your patients comply with instructions after treatment and more. In short, you’ll know what you need to know to do the job and treat your patients well.

When you study with Dentox, you’re joining the hundreds of medical professionals who have trusted us for training that prepares them for adding injectables to their practices. Thousands of nurses, dentists, doctors and others (as allowed by state regulations) are finding success in injectables – and you can too.

Our on-demand dermal filler training is a way for you to get skills that instill confidence and allow you to get started in fillers with very little upfront cost. You’ll soon see just how in-demand fillers are when you start offering them to existing clients and watch as new clients seek you out. Patients who have the money to spare anyway will like the results of your skills and come back again and again.

It all starts with getting the instruction you need from Dentox – whenever and wherever you need it.

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