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At-home Botox and filler treatments are a potentially lethal new fad

Social media sites like TikTok are making younger generations more familiar with aesthetic treatments and more confident in doing them themselves.

Social media sites like TikTok are making younger generations more familiar with aesthetic treatments and more confident in doing them themselves.

The popularity of administering Botox and fillers at home is on the rise. Recent data shows that demand for these therapies has skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic, with more people opting to give themselves injections at home. Younger generations are becoming more familiar with aesthetic treatments and more confident in performing them on their own thanks to the proliferation of social media platforms like TikTok. 

Regrettably, as the medical aesthetics market grows in popularity, more and more people will opt to treat themselves at home. It’s crucial to emphasize the grave risks associated with self-administering any kind of injection. Among the most serious issues brought on by this trend are listed below.

Lack of training: Due to the serious nature of Botox and filler injections, not enough people have the proper training to perform them. Vascular occlusion is just one of many potentially fatal complications that can arise from attempting to self-administer these treatments. When a substance enters a blood vessel, it can cause a clot to form, which blocks blood flow to vital organs and tissues and may lead to blindness.

Inadequate hygienic practices: In order to avoid spreading infection and other complications, it is crucial to practice good hygiene before and after administering these treatments. When people give themselves injections, they may not use properly sterilized needles or properly dispose of used needles, and they may not have access to medical-grade cleaning solutions.

Incorrect dosage and depth: Using too much or too little product can result in a number of issues, including pronounced asymmetry, facial paralysis, and droopy eyelids. A trained medical professional will know the ideal injection depth to minimize risk and maximize natural results.  

Use of non-US products: Products that have received FDA approval have undergone extensive testing to ensure their efficacy and safety. People are purchasing goods from other nations over the internet, but we have no idea what is in them or how safe they are.

Adverse effects: Allergic reactions or other issues that call for medical attention can occasionally occur in patients. It’s crucial to realize that trained injectors and medical professionals can administer these treatments safely, hygienically, and successfully.

Despite the convenience of at-home Botox and fillers, it’s important to find a licensed medical expert for these treatments. 

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