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Reasons Why Dentists Ought to Receive Training in Facial Aesthetics

Reasons Why Dentists Ought to Receive Training in Facial Aesthetics

Botox and dermal filler training can open up a whole new world of opportunities for dental professionals, and here at Dentox, we are well aware of the significance that medical aesthetics can play in the practice of medicine. Working in this industry is not only financially rewarding but also extremely exciting!

Let us explain in more detail:

Raise the amount of money you make:

Imagine how much additional money you will have after five treatments if each one costs hundreds of dollars: that’s how much you can expect to earn. The time commitment for treatments is low, and you might be surprised to find that many of your current patients would appreciate advice on cosmetic procedures in addition to their regular checkups.

Work-life harmony:

Aesthetics provides a great deal of work-life balance by allowing you to easily expand your practice to include new services, or to work full- or part-time without abandoning your current career.

Adding to your prior understanding of facial injectables: Being a dentist, you probably have a lot of experience with needles and a thorough understanding of facial anatomy because your entire professional career has been devoted to the face. It’s like finding the golden ticket to the world of medical aesthetics!

Continue to learn:

It’s great to work in medical aesthetics and very satisfying due to the ongoing development of fresh procedures and methods, there is always something new to learn.

Better serve your cosmetic dentistry clients: Dentistry and facial aesthetics go hand in hand, whether one is trying to reverse the effects of aging or simply make oneself and one’s patients look better and feel more confident. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can use botulinum toxin’s muscle relaxant properties in a variety of dental procedures; in fact, it can even help patients who are having trouble getting used to their new dentures.

A simple plan for launching your own aesthetics business:

Our introductory classes teach you the fundamentals of running a business and promoting your goods and services, and we’ll be here to help you long after practical Aesthetic Training courses are recognized by Cosmetic Insure and the other leading providers of medical aesthetic insurance, making it simple to obtain coverage upon course completion.

How dentists can get their hands-on experience in facial aesthetics

When it comes to selecting providers of continuing education, you should place the utmost importance on the amount of experience they have. You should confidently boast to your coworkers and patients that you were taught by the world’s leading expert in your field.

Dentox is directed by Dr. Howard Katz, who also serves as the course’s lead instructor. His name is included in dental therapy patent applications involving botulinum toxins (such as Xeomin, Dysport, and Botox) that were submitted by Allergan. These applications were for dental therapy patents.

Dentox is excited to offer the most cutting-edge Botox and gel filler training currently available. This training will be provided by the same scientist-dentist-clinician whose name appears on the patents corresponding to these treatments.

Dentists on staff at detox centers are experts in the field and will monitor your progress as you learn new techniques.

Dentox is a California-based dental education provider that follows all requirements of the Dental Practice Act in effect in your region. To further set ourselves apart, we will never recommend a treatment or material that isn’t guaranteed to work or could harm either of our brands.

Discover cutting-edge methods to improve your patients’ physical appearance and overall well-being. If you take the time to get the training you need, you can help your patients. Go to and for more information on online and in-person patient training events, respectively. We’re excited to help you make the leap from skilled dentist to aesthetics guru.

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