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Australia’s Influential Population is Up in Arms Over the Country’s New Cosmetic Surgery Regulations

Want to get some Botox, BBL, or a nose job? Because of the new law, you will need to go through some hoops.

In this age of constant self-promotion on social media, the temptation to use plastic surgery to improve certain physical attributes has never been higher.

Every day, we are bombarded with photoshopped images of flawless bodies, and the ideal body type can change dramatically from one day to the next. That’s just how the modern ideal of beauty works.

However, as of July 1, it will be more difficult to undergo cosmetic surgeries due to strict new laws imposed by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA), and people aren’t happy about it.

How do you see things shifting?

Some of the new regulations include consultations with surgeons requiring a referral from a primary care physician, waiting periods between consent and the actual procedure, and the occasional suggestion that a patient undergoes a psychological evaluation.

Legislative amendments resulted from an investigation commissioned by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Medical Board; the final report’s approved recommendations encompassed the entire industry, including advertising on social media.

To begin, all of these procedures must take place in a certified clinic that follows all applicable regulations regarding clinical governance, hygiene, and infection prevention. 

Furthermore, the practitioner must be the one to initially brief the patient and take responsibility for post-procedure care.

The onus is on the practitioner to provide complete transparency in terms of all associated costs as well as their level of education, experience, and skill.

The practitioner is responsible for providing complete transparency regarding all associated costs and their level of education, experience, and expertise.

The practitioner is responsible for providing complete transparency regarding all associated costs and their level of education, experience, and expertise.

What’s with all the rule changes?

In the event that you have noticed an increase in the number of cosmetic procedures being advertised or promoted on social media, you should anticipate that this will also change. What we’re seeing online could be real, but it could also be a hoax. Either way, we need to proceed with caution.

If customers go to a practitioner who has received training in a particular surgical specialty, then the procedure will most likely be risk-free. It’s terrific that the College of Surgeons plans to launch a public awareness campaign on this topic. Many people, however, advertise cosmetic surgery services despite lacking the requisite training to perform such procedures safely and effectively. An endorsement is being made for them specifically. In accordance with our legal system, this is the most severe measure we can take.

The sad accounts of patients harmed by unscrupulous doctors demonstrate that the current state of affairs is intolerable and calls for immediate action.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, we’d like you to be as well-informed and secure as possible. It is important that surgeons who perform cosmetic procedures have received adequate education and training. Also, we want the public to have faith that they will be taken care of and that if anything goes wrong, they will be heard and their concerns addressed. 

The resistance

But the historic legislation has not been welcomed with open arms by all. Jessika Power, a celebrity from Married at First Sight, believes the new regulations will only slow down the healthcare system.

You can’t decide for someone if they want to make a change or get better at something on their own.

What will happen to the healthcare system when young people start requesting psychological services in droves? In my opinion, it all depends on the individual. If you’re of legal age to get it done, then you’re of legal age to decide for yourself.

Power denies that she promotes plastic surgery on her own social media accounts, saying instead that she’s just keeping her followers up to date on her life. 

The Australian living in London, who has undergone several procedures, believes the MBA should reconsider the new legislation and how it will impact our already overburdened healthcare system. 

Australians were willing to spend up to $1 billion a year on cosmetic surgery by 2022. Clinics providing dermal fillers alone have seen a 25% increase, and anti-wrinkle injections have seen a 140% increase; similar regulatory measures are anticipated for both of these industries.

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