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Botox Anywhere: Barbershops In Some Areas Offering Botox

Man Having BotoxIf you haven’t visited a barbershop recently, you may not realize that times have changed. They aren’t like they used to be. Today’s barbershops sometimes offer men as many services and amenities as hair salons offer women. This can include hot towels, massages, a selection of craft beers and so much more. And now, some salons are offering “brotox” – a cutesy name these haircutters use for men’s cosmetic Botox treatments.

It seems men are turning to the places they’re already visiting for the Botox they want and need to reduce fine lines and get rid of furrowed brows and more. A barbershop – like a doctor’s or dentist’s office – is safe space. It’s comfortable, familiar and inviting.

Men Are Taking More Care

In fact, some of the nation’s biggest and best barbershops are now offering Botox, validating for men that taking care of themselves is acceptable and normal. Like a doctor or dentist, a barber is also close to the face, something men accept. So it just makes sense that barbers would offer Botox where allowed by law.

In today’s world, male celebrities and TV personalities speak openly about cosmetic treatments in interviews and on social media. Because more and more men see Botox and other cosmetic treatments as normal now, the number of guys going for the needle is increasing, according to research.

And the trend is likely to continue. Men are pressured at work to look and act young and vital. Their girlfriends and even their mothers are having cosmetic procedures, making them look like the odd man out if they don’t take advantage of today’s cosmetic miracles.

Men Can Get Excellent Outcomes

With proper Botox treatment, a man can get amazing results. The most common injection site for men is on the frown lines – so that they look less cranky or angry. The next most common injection site is along the horizontal lines on the forehead. In this case, less is more for natural-looking results that no one will notice.

Ideally, most men who seek Botox at the barbershop – or anywhere else – want to look fresh and well-rested, but they don’t want to appear to have had work done. The smallest correction is all that some men want, while others are willing to go a bit farther. But most men don’t want the work to be noticeable.

Getting Botox Where They Already Are

Some men simply turn to their regular doctor for Botox. After all, they visit the office once or twice a year anyway, so they might as well get some lines reduced while they’re there. The dentist’s office is also a popular spot for men who are seeking out Botox injections. Dentists can provide teeth whitening, veneers and other cosmetic procedures related to the teeth to further help men look younger.

Many men find it easier to accept having a barber, doctor or dentist they already know perform Botox than visiting the office of someone who specializes in cosmetic procedures. In addition to reducing the stigma associated with having cosmetic treatments, men are often apprehensive about visiting an office that they feel may be geared toward women.

Dentox teaches doctors, dentists and others who are allowed by law to inject Botox the skills necessary to satisfy both men and women. We teach cosmetic Botox application as well as Botox for therapeutic purposes. And we do it all in multiple locations around the United States. If it’s time for you to get the skills to take your business to the next level, sign up for a one-day Botox training class from Dentox and Dr. Howard Katz. There’s probably one coming up near you.

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