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Botox Costs – Increasing Shelf Life [Botox Training Tips]

Very few people in the world would happily pick up a yoghurt that was six months out of date, and eat it with a spoon and a large smile on their face. Why? Because we have been conditioned for years to pay attention to use by dates because we believe that they are there to protect us – and we know, because we have been told so often and from so many quarters, that using something that is past its use by date is just dangerous. It won’t be as good! Many medical professionals have the same approach to the Botox that they use.

Every medical professional who works with Botox will know that if you mix your Botox with saline, that solution will be able to be used for up to two days, which is a not long time – but it could be longer. The manufacturers of the most Botox solutions always recommend that you mix it with saline, but we would recommend that instead, you mix it with bacteria static saline. If you do that, that solution will be perfect for using for up to two weeks, a whole two days longer which will enable you to keep it for patients that you want to see after a weekend, for example. After that, the Botox is considered to be out of date, and its shelf life has come to an end.

Altering the length of time that you can use your Botox solutions means that you could really easily save a lot of money, because you will not have to throw out your Botox solutions every two days. This will dramatically change your spending habits at work, and will make Botox injections even more cost effective than they already were for you and your practice.

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