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Botox Side Effects – Preventing Heavy Brow & Fatigue [Botox Training Tips]

One of the most aging thing that happens to our faces as we get older is that our foreheads and brows seem to get heavier and larger, causing them to slip down and overwhelm our eyes as well. This look overall definitely can age a person up to a decade more than they really are, and so a quick and easy way of reducing the appearance of a person’s age is to treat this. For many patients, they will unconsciously feel more tired and run down throughout their day just because of the way that they look. It is remarkable the effect that the way we look can have on us, and so many patients with heavy brows will come to you to ask for Botox injections across their forehead.

The key way to do this is to understand that there are two main muscle groups in our foreheads; one set that are up pulling upwards towards our hair line, and another set that are pushing downwards towards our eyebrows. As we get older, the group of muscles that are pushing downwards becomes stronger and more dominant which is what creates this look. In order to reverse it, you need to inject into the muscles on the forehead and help them to relax, allowing the group of muscles that pull upwards to become stronger, and give the patient a fresher, awake, and younger appearance.

It is incredible to see a patient first look at themselves after successful Botox treatment has been carried out on them to change the way that their brow looks; sometimes they do not even believe that they are looking at their own reflection! Help your patients to get a new lease of life by offering this life changing treatment, and help lighten heavy brows.

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