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Reduce Scarring With Botox [Botox Training Tips]

So much of who we are is dependent on the way that other people see us, and even people who are really confident on the outside will often have one thing about them that they are very self conscious about, and would never want to draw attention to. When someone goes to you as a medical practitioner and asks for Botox, they may be doing so because there is something about their appearance that they do not like and they want to correct it – and the absolute last thing that they would wish is to have their scars made worse rather than better! Although rare, this can happen in some cases, so when it comes to giving Botox injections how can you reduce scarring?

Scarring most often occurs on the forehead, and many patients will come to surgeries because they want scars on their foreheads diminished. It is possible to do this with Botox. The key thing to know is that a horizontal scar on a forehead is still interacting with the muscles around it, and by treating the muscles around it you can diminish the look of the scar really easily. As the muscles fibers are pulling, if you inject the muscles above and below the scar, then the muscles will relax and immediately make the scar less obvious and a lot smaller.

Many people find it difficult to believe that Botox injections really can make a difference to the way that a scar looks, but they can in fact have a hugely positive effect on the way that a scar looks, making it look smaller and much thinner as well – and many patients who have become accustomed to seeing a huge scar on their forehead will find it incredible to be able to finally ignore it!

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