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Botox For Hemifacial Spasm: Safe And Effective When Done Right

Botox For Hemifacial Spasm Safe And Effective When Done Right

A hemifacial spasm is an involuntary quick muscle jerk of the face – a kind of myoclonus involving a facial nerve. The cause may a blood vessel pressing on the facial nerve, but the condition can also be caused by an injury. In some cases, no cause can be determined. This is certain, however: Some patients can be helped with Botox.

Onabot-A, usually referred to by the brand name Botox, is a safe, effective way to treat this condition which usually impacts only one side of the face and can be frustrating, awkward and make social interactions more difficult. In most cases, the condition causes little or no physical pain, but there may be discomfort associated with concern about twitches being noticeable to others.

More About Botox For Hemifacial Spasm

One study often cited in relation to Botox for hemifacial spasm is placebo-controlled research on 11 patients, 84 percent of which saw objective improvement. In this research, the most common side effects of Botox injections were facial weakness, seen in most patients. Small percentages also experienced bruising, double vision, eyelid drooping and other mild side effects. Additional research has found similar high effectiveness and low side effects.

Because of the positive research and years of evidence through clinical practice, Botox is now considered by most healthcare providers to be the primary method of treating hemifacial spasm. Relatively small doses injected precisely can significantly improve the lives of those who are treated. As with all Botox injections, re-treatment is necessary every few months.

Learn To Make A Difference

If you’re a medical or dental professional who wants to make a difference in the lives of people with hemifacial spasm and other types of myoclonus, get Botox certification from Dentox and Dr. Howard Katz. Reach out now to learn more or sign up for an in person, online or on demand class – and make a difference for your patients while increasing profits for your practice.

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