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Help Patients See Better, Feel Better With Botox For Hooded Eyes

Correcting drooping or hooded eyelids with Botox is a simple procedure that can be performed in minutes and makes months of difference in the way a patient looks and the quality of their life, especially if they’re having trouble seeing because of eyelids that are sagging over their eyes.

Botox for hooded eyelids requires only a few quick injections into the outer edges of the eyebrows and perhaps the lower forehead. While injectables are often considered by patients to be only for cosmetic results, Botox has many medical uses as well. In this case, it restricts the movement of the depressor muscle that causes eyebrow droop without taking any action on the elevator muscle, so the eyebrow raises normally but the drooping is controlled.

Once the treatment takes effect, the brow rises a few millimeters – hardly noticeable itself, but it’s enough to improve vision and create a more pleasing cosmetic look of the eyelid. It may not sound like much, but it’s proven to be effective.

It’s incredible, when you think about it, that some people complain of eyelid droop from Botox that is administered incorrectly for cosmetic purposes. But when administered correctly, the same injectable product can create a medical and aesthetic benefit. The possibility of creating an undesired outcome, however, is why you must get training before treating patients. Only an expert injector can provide pro-level results for hooded eyelids.

Botox For Hooded Eyes in San Diego

So Many Reasons To Treat Hooded Eyelids

Botox for hooded eyes can make many patients look younger, make them feel more awake, and improve their vision too. They may not even know that it’s their sagging eyelids that are causing them to feel tired or have restricted or failing vision. Or perhaps a doctor mentioned something about needing blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery – and they have ruled that out or want to find a less invasive option. When you offer Botox for hooded eyes, you can provide 2 to 3 months of results from one session, then the results gradually fade and the procedure can be repeated.

Take note that if hooded eyes are caused by excess skin instead of by sagging eyebrows, Botox can’t help. It also won’t work if the eyebrow sags significantly. Instead, Botox for hooded eyes is intended for hooding caused by mild or moderate eyebrow issues.

While you have a patient in your chair getting treated for this condition, you can help them understand that Botox can also reduce the look of dynamic wrinkles – the type that is caused by movements of the face. Smiles, frowns and other facial expressions cause most wrinkles, and Botox can reduce or eliminate certain muscle movements to get rid of the wrinkles that result from them. When you start with a patient early, Botox can treat wrinkles before they happen so they never have to worry about wrinkles in certain areas.

Botox Requires Precision Training

Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin Type A, a neurotoxin that works by paralyzing muscles. It can’t tighten droopy skin, but it can reduce muscle pulling. It is injected into a specific muscle to block nerve receptors from receiving any signals and therefore from moving. It has been in use for medical purposes since 1989.

You can learn to provide Botox for hooded eyes and how to inject properly so that you don’t cause eyelid droop from Botox when you train with Dentox. Our instructor, Dr. Howard Katz, is the best in the industry for cosmetic and therapeutic injectables training. Turn to us for training that makes you an expert injector who can impress your patients with results beyond the ordinary.

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