Dental Continuing Education Courses With Dentox

dental continuing education course

Dentox Continuing Education Course

How to make decisions on new equipment Investment, and choose where to spend your dental continuing education resources (ie why you should do a Dentox Botox course!)


  1. Where are your existing patients spending their disposable income? If your patients are already spending $1000’s of dollars each year on a treatment that you can do at someone else’s office, then you should be offering these treatments at your office  – an easy ROI on your dental continuing education investment.
  2. On what are your existing patients spending their disposable income? If your patients are spending on Botox treatments then you should offer the same treatments at their convenience while at your office. For example at regular check-ups
  3. On what are your friends spending their disposable income? If your unbiased friends are spending money on treatments this should confirm that there is a need to take Botox dental CE courses & provide these.
  4. What can you do to bring these procedures to your office so that these $’s are paid to you? Inform your patients that you now offer the same treatments taught to you by a world expert.
  5. What is your investment to start doing these procedures? $1600 for a hands-on course, $700 for an online dental continuing education course. You do not have to buy any new equipment.
  6. How much do you lose by not doing these procedures after you made the dental CE course investment? Zero. Compare this to a $100K CT scan or $150K Cerec  machines that you and your patients have managed without until now.
  7. What are the ramifications of failure of successful outcome vs other treatments? These treatments are temporary. The worst and most common side effect is that the treatment does not last long enough
  8. Do you need to take a dental CE course to offer these treatments? Most malpractice insurers will require that you attend a recognized dental continuing education program – like a Dentox program.
  9. What other dental continuing education courses offer the same ROI? None. By the time you have invested in the equipment and training, it may take you years to make your investment back. You make your investment back on your first patient with the Dentox program
  10. Who is giving the majority of these dental continuing education classes? Usually there is a vendor whose ulterior motive is selling equipment. Otherwise its someone random who has climbed on to the lecture circuit bandwagon. That’s why we recommend a program given by a recognized world expert and educator.  Remember that good judgment comes from experience; and experience comes from bad judgment. So when it comes to selecting a Botox program, don’t learn from anyone who is gaining their experience on you!


So before you invest $10K on a dental continuing education course that teaches how to do a treatment that you may never do, or, $100K on piece of equipment that you are forced to use to cover the monthly payments, consider the benefits of a Dentox CE course.

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